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You know you're CF-ing it too much when...

Matt N

CF Legend
I was watching a play the other day (The Book of Mormon) and at one point (minor spoilors) they bring down a backdrop collage of Orlando with The Incredible Hulk painted onto one corner of it. Then had to seriously fight the urge to tell my non-enthusiast friends everything about it at that moment in the middle of the performance haha. (But man was I listing that useless information in my head double time haha)
Don't worry, that happens to me every time I see a theme park in a non-theme park related context! For example, I was watching Instant Family the other week and Six Flags Over Georgia popped up; I couldn't get the park out of my head after that!

Rob Coasters

Hyper Poster
The other day one of my buddies was talking about a fly that decided to enter his room. We have an... interesting sense of humour so we repeat absolutely countless sentences involving the word 'fly'.
"Fly be like *flies*" that type of stuff.

While we were talking I was massively resisting the urge to mention F.L.Y. at Phantasialand, but I managed to hold back successfully.


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When you catch yourself singing 'Ohhhh the weather outside is frightful, and the Twinlakes creds are spiteful...'


Strata Poster
When your team loses to Blackpool and you realise you're thinking of coaster related stuff to chant at their fans
(Where's your wild mouse gone/The Big One is awful, I wanna go home etc.)

When you realise you mentioned Amanda Thompson in a therapy session.


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She used to run the pony rides on south park in the summer holidays you know...roughly where Avalanche is now.
Jodhpurs and everything.


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Blackpool's a ****-hole, I'd rather go Rhyl was my favourite. Clearly, they'd never been to Rhyl...

Rob Coasters

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Triple special?

You know you're CFing it too much when you end up being the buzzkill at theme parks. "It's aight" I say when whoever I'm going with just had the time of their life. It's something I've managed to completely stop over time but I fear the next day I blurt that out.

You know you're CFing it too much when you listen to completely random music and imagine it being the queueline soundtrack for some awesome roller coaster. I actually saw a comment exactly about this in a now-deleted video of Super Mario Galaxy's Buoy Base soundtrack. So I'm guessing I'm not on my own there.

You know you're CFing it too much when your buddy (who's ridden Mako) says there's a B&M opening up in our town. You know exactly where this is going.

Rob Coasters

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'Nother one.

You know you're CFing it too much when you freak out over a ride having onboard audio. To the average non-enthusiast it's not too big of a deal, but to us nerds you know it IS a very big deal.


Roller Poster
When you are ment to be fault checking wifi or selling BT to a customer. And you end up having a 10 minute chat about the best park and coaster at a random park.

When some mates block the door then finally let it open. You burst through and utter the magic. " you big bag o bastards "


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You know you CFing too much when you waste your mobile data to write a useless thread about Sea world san diego WHILE in X2's station.
Or when you are wishing you could get the missed credits at both parks knowing it's a 9 hour round trip flight to LAX and is the only reason you have to return to California.