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You know you're CF-ing it too much when...


Matt SR
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... when you remember this topic and resurrect it from the dead.


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When you log off for about 5 or 6 years, but as soon as a major theme park accident happens, you reactivate your old account to get the most accurate and upto date details, available becaue you know CF stays on top of it.


Captain Basic
When you're talking about Planet Hollywood(restaurant), and accidentally say Planet Coaster.

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When you refresh a forum page waiting for either 'Dar' or 'GuyWithAStick' to reply in a non-existent topic named 'Forum Fun' on a site other than CF


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When you're asked to remove all results from a report with a score less than 12, and you write "<3" in your code by mistake!


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When you notice slight editorial mistakes regarding theme parks in well renowned chemical magazines:

I believe they sold it years ago...

EDIT: Wrote in to the magazine to tell them, shall see next month if they took note!
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Edward M

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When theme parks come up as a subject in your class, and the teacher asks if anyone knows why Disney theme parks are so popular
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