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Window Of The World | Unknown | S&S Launched Coaster | 202?


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The 3 I've ridden (Beijing, Wuhan, Shenzhen) are all lovely smooth and great rides (sans one pothole on the Wuhan one) and in fact the Shenzhen one makes it into my top 10.

Anyway the first 2 pictures were taken before the ride was complete. The second 2 are the lifting of the final piece. On a curve that isn't even there in the first 2 pictures 🤣


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That actually looks like a fun little layout, shame S&S just....isn't...selling these outside of China.
Something like this would do wonders at pretty much any Six Flags park and it doesn't even look like it uses that much space.
I'd suggest that they're not getting a look in with parks outside of China when Inamin and Vekoma are providing similar experiences for a fraction of the cost. They'll 100% be TRYING to sell them anywhere they possible can do, but won't be as successful.


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Gosh, I hope this thing is successful. Though that support structure looks too Steel-Curtain-y for my liking x.x