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If there is one type of coaster that has proved popular in China that I wish would show up over in the west it is the new generation of S&S launched coasters seen at Happy Valley Shenzhen, Beijing and Wuhan as well as Sun Tzu Cultural Park. I've ridden the three HV versions and they are all excellent.

Anyway Window of The World in Changsha (not the Shenzhen one, Sorry Gavin) has announced a new S&S launched coaster.
Some stats from the announcement.
Stats - 60m
Length - 1500m
Speed - 0-120km\h in 3secs

The ride will replace the currently SBNO sitdown looping coaster.

It isn't too surprising as the park is owned by OCT the same company that own the Happy Valley parks.

Strangely the park made this announcement on Christmas Eve. The day they opened a new inverted coaster from BJA.
Which looks to be somewhat smoother looking than the early BJA models.

Chang0.jpg Chang1.jpg CHang2.jpg CHang3.jpg
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China seems to have a real attraction to S&S launch coasters, like how Orlando has an attraction to B&M in general. Anyway, the ride sounds pretty neat from the stats, and it's replacing a knockoff SLC, which judging by the reception of the SLC ride type is probably not a massive loss to the park.


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It's actually replacing the shutdown looper that has been SBNO. The inverted coaster littlerally opened last week. and the new ones are pretty solid.


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So? It's also not a Vekoma layout? It's hardly a knock-off just because the track/trains resemble Vekoma's. If it was a generic SLC layout, then yes, it could be deemed as a 'knock-off'.


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Ugh, f**k that park. The looper was closed when I went there (hadn't been reported as such anywhere at that point), and I "found" the new SLC being built. Now this?

Changsha was a crap city and I don't won't to go back.

It would have been hilarious if Window of the World Shenzhen opened one, a five minute walk away from Happy Valley's.

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Well it's official. Looks like the ride will have a few inversions as well.

LOGAN, Utah – (April 12, 2018) – S&S Worldwide, Inc. is pleased to announce that it will build and install an Air Launch Coaster for Changsha Window of the World.

Changsha Window of the World, located in Changsha, Hunan, China, is the largest theme park in central China and is the most important base of travel, film, television, culture, and entertainment in the area. Changsha Window of the World was established in 1997 and contains around 50 replicas of the most famous tourist attractions in the world in its park. The park is one of the most visited destinations in the area and is open all year round.

S&S Worldwide, Inc., the largest U.S. ride manufacturer, has now installed over 450 of their products in 30 countries around the world. Gerald Ryan, Executive Director of Sales for S&S commented, “S&S is excited to be installing our 5th Air Launch Coaster in China.”

The coaster at Changsha Window of the World, with a maximum height of 40m and a track length measuring 830m long, will contain over 10 exciting elements with multiple inversions launching at a max speed of 100 KPH. The new Air Launch Coaster at Changsha Window of the World will be the first launch coaster by S&S to have inversions. The coaster is set to open the beginning of 2019.