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Universal's Epic Universe | Orlando USA | Theme Park


CF Legend
This is interesting... Universal has filed a new trademark for the name "Stardust Racers", for use as "an amusement park ride in the nature of a roller coaster ride".

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Seems like this wouldn't be used in addition to Starfall Racers... so perhaps they ran into an issue & aren't able to use that name?

It's had an opposition from another company for "Starfall Racers" claiming it infringes on their mark.
So Stardust Racers will have been filed as a backup name just in case Universal lose the case. Seems most likely they'll just try and settle out of court.

Source: US Patent and Trademark Office


Roller Poster
Such a Beautiful looking coaster, such a fast pace yet so graceful. the interactions are stunning especially the " Celestial Spin "


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This is giving me RCT 2 vibes, can't quite remember which park though but it's on the title screen.

Park is 3 Monkeys, I don't recall that being the name...but I just had to look it up lol

Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil.

Starfall racers dueling test, yes please.

As my two of my favourite types of coaster are launch and dueling ones, this is right up my alley and dam it looks forceful.

This ride looks absolutely fantastic...a great pace, plenty of airtime, and the true dueling with on ride interactions and fly by elements really up the ante.


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Probably the land I'm most looking forward to. These videos are fun as it just confirms what we already know about the project anyway. This one should be slight different though as we don't know much about what happens in the Frankenstein Experiment so will hopefully see some cool concept art from inside.


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Honestly, I have the opposite sentiment. This is the land I’m least excited for. It seems cool, bur I am a massive wimp and anything related to haunted house or whatever just freaks me the heck out. I’m going to get the cred, but after that I’m skedaddling out of there as fast as I can.


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At Dark Universe. The clock tower seen in the Bioreconstruct images, has an industrial permanent looking staircase installed.
I don’t think that was needed for the installation of the clock. Could this be for an actor or special effects?

Nice catch! I would say either, if it's special effects it would need to maintained/refilled/replaced parts etc. so the stairs would be for maintenance crew to reach safely.
But the way it's painted inside and how much room there is, I would say you're right a streetmosphere actor set piece!