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SFSTL | Rookie Racer | Vekoma Junior Coaster | 2023


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On the upshot, a recent interview with newly promoted General Manager Danny Snider has brought up mention of a new ride(s) package coming next year as well, something that is much needed for St. Louis after so many ride removals... so definitely looking forwards to hearing about that. Snider also allegedly stated that he's been pushing the board to RMC Boss, but that's all talk right now

SFStLs Instagram account seems to be teasing something being announced next week, probably is the ride package you mentioned the GM talking about

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I find it so strange that a junior coaster designed for a shopping mall in South Africa over two decades ago is now installed at almost 30 locations and is 1 more installation away from being the most numerous Vekoma Roller Skater design on the planet.

The original ride at its original location in South Africa.


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As per the Daredevil Daze event, SFStL is going to try and have it open in a matter of weeks.

Look I’m not saying they’re going to achieve this, but if they actually open this thing before the year is up then hats off to the team. On an extra tidbit, it is planned to run one lap initially but will leave the door open for two and include offride speakers.
Pic #1 from cofcoasters and #2 from here
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For some reason, I find the yellow-black colour scheme really striking and appealing on Lost Gravity but I find it really ugly on this coaster. In fact, everything about this project is rather bland, from coaster layout to theming (?).

Hopefully, better projects will be better additions.


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Not an ideal picture but as per my friend who took this there be a train on the track and power in the station. Testing could get underway pretty soon, especially if they’re serious about making it the ultimate last-minute 2023 addition;


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Look I’m not saying they’re going to achieve this, but if they actually open this thing before the year is up then hats off to the team.
I mean, we can't be THAT impressed by it if they still manage to achieve it right? Opening a kiddie coaster once all the kids are back in school? Come on. 🤣

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Rookie racer opens tomorrow!

I happened to be at the park today for the grand opening. It was really by chance as my grandma took us on a SFSTL trip that had been disguised as a dentist appointment and which I didn't know was a SFSTL trip until after we were on the road (hence no updates as I left my kindle at home thinking it was a dentist appointment) and the second day just happened to be RR's opening day. Along with a Boomerang unspite the night before, this finished SFSTL's coaster collection for me at long last.

This one was cute! It had a little announcer thing in the queue that basically described the layout as if it were an actual race track, and then there were speakers along the ride that blared race sounds! I really liked that approach. Plus we got to go around twice.

T'was a nice ride


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Welp, it seems it's the time my first roller coaster construction thread has to end its time in the sticky threads. :(