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Ride Related Dreams You've Had

Lori Marie Loud

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Just had a good one.

I was at a local fair I visited in July-ish, and last night I had a dream that I was back at this fair. They had relocated from the top of the hill to the bottom of the hill next to the forest and playground area. I was walking by the side of the fair and they had a Jamie Whitling Runaway Train, a Go Gator, a Loop Fighter that I'd heard about but didn't see, a Sizzler, a Waltzer, and a strange powered oval thing.

Looking for more rides I found more rides at the top of the hill. They had a Zyklon called 'Alpine Coaster' which I originally thought was Alpina Bahn and several other rides I couldn't identify.

Cut. It was now night and I heard rumours on social media that the fair site was built on unhatched eggs. Specifically they were of quail eggs and they were so small you could put three of them on your fingertip. So I was walking around next to the park's Wacky Worm and sure enough, I found eggs. They were strange alien-like eggs with some of them being directly next to red purple or blue bursts, which were oddly reminiscent of an exploded paintball.

The end.
Did you find Spinning Zoo or Warner-Mir?

Rob Coasters

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Did you find Spinning Zoo or Warner-Mir?
Unfortunately none of them were there, but I'll have a proper look for them in the next dream.

Starting to realise that my dreams exclusively consist of closed rides. Not sure if I can get that evasive dream credit but time will tell...


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Well, I've just had one that I didn't like very much...

A small yet impressively themed caterpillar (with a different layout) cred had been set up in a shopping/entertainment centre somewhere to the east of here and I'd made arrangements to meet up with a few members to get the cred. When I arrived and paid a lot for parking, I met Nic who said it was too busy and we shouldn't have come at Christmas and they were going to do something else. As I found everyone else, Sue was just getting on a bus to somewhere else - I think Neal had decided they were going bowling. I hate bowling. I always lose.

I was cross and decided I was going to the get the cred myself and sod them - when I handed over my 50p, I got a badge with my name on, for some reason. Then the man's demeanour turned and he let me to the back of a 40 minute queue which was in a rather spooky forest (I rewatched Dr Parnassus recently and think my mind was trying to plagiarise it)

I assume I got the cred, that part wasn't made clear - but when I got home, I had a text from Jordan (god knows why she was there...) who sounded pissed off but a bit concerned. Using a bright yellow satnav with a breakdown company's logo on it, I attempted to make my way back - it kept trying to send me towards Alton...

The dream ended with me on Clough Street carpark in Hanley, realising my car wasn't there and that I had no idea how I'd got there. Thankfully I woke up around then, because that part was frightening.

(I do know what's to blame - I got up at about 9, put the heating on and fell back to sleep. That's a lethal combination. I had one recently when I was trying to wrap up something from the past but found it full of maggots - that's usually a hangover dream...)
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I must have encountered your 'projection' at some point, because I'd given you my wallet to look after. Why the ****ing hell would I do that :D

I guess 'together in serotonin nightmares' doesn't have quite the same ring to it :p

Matt N

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I had a less in-depth one last night.

Basically, I was going on Fluch der Kassandra at Europa Park (the park’s madhouse), but it looked totally different; it was themed like an Egyptian temple, and had flamethrowers in the centre of the madhouse!

Also, I had for some reason packed a book, and I decided to read it during the pre-show. I got so caught up in the book that I never realised the ride had let guests into it, so I didn’t realise I needed to go into the room until a very angry ride operator came and shouted at me before dragging me into the main room… everyone else in the room was strangely forgiving, however, and actually started clapping when I sat down! I woke up before the ride started, however…


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Not necessarily ride related but...

I had a dream where I was putting my washing away and I found a Red Alton Towers coat in the washing and thought "Oh **** I forgot to hand that in with the rest of the uniform".

However when I woke up I remembered I never had a Red coat, I had a Yellow coat and a Black coat, but never Red...


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Horror themed version of FLY in my dream last night.

That's about all I can remember this time. I slept well :)


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Dreamt last night I was on some horror themed indoor coaster. Ride had numerous switch tracks and made multiple laps so each lap wasn't the same as the last, almost a weird mix of trackless dark ride and coaster. Most of the switch tracks were of an unusual design as well, think the end of Winjas but with multiple routes leading from the switch tracks.

Have a feeling this very concept has been discussed on here before to a certain extent but either way, I want it!


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Not technically on topic, but beats messaging my Mum or my [made up] therapist:

Nap time today brought me a family wedding. At least I assume that's what it was. I hate family weddings - in fact, I don't much care for weddings in general.
There was a waterslide there, which I ended up doing in my wedding clothes. Mum told me off for that. A lot of scenes took places in my grandparents old house - I was trying to hide out of the way with a couple of old schoolfriends, but was introduced to a [fictional] relative - a child with autism who had encyclopedic knowledge of UK creds.

I also had a cigar with my estranged uncle - doubly weird as he quit smoking over 12 years ago.
Despite the celebratory atmosphere, I don't remember any alcohol. Which is good, because I drink a lot in dreams and it really unsettles me.


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Not a ride dream, but a park dream I had last night.

Phantasialand opened a new "immersive restaurant experience" to replace their dinner show, which was open during the park day and afterwards for hotel guests too.

It was some rip off Phantom of the Opera style theme, where all of the staff had capes they would drag over their body whenever they walked away. Also, they only ever shouted at you, in a slightly creepy voice. You know, for "immersion". There was also some random burlesque act singing on a circular stage that was in the centre.

Weird dream.

Matt N

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I had a dream the other night where Thorpe canned Project Exodus and instead cloned the Big One at Blackpool, but made it 1ft taller to claim the UK height record. They cloned it to a surprisingly painstaking degree of accuracy; they single-handedly revived Arrow by gathering old staff, and the park even somehow revived Ron Toomer from the dead for the sole purpose of assisting with the design! I think they even named it “The Slightly Bigger One”…

In spite of this degree of effort, however, the enthusiast reception was poor…

That was a strange dream…

Matt N

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Sorry to bump, but I had another strange one the other night…

As with my earlier Valhalla dream, I found myself at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. For starters, this was somewhat of a parallel universe version of Blackpool where the entrance looked bizarrely like that of the Magic Kingdom in Florida, but that’s besides the point.

However, I found myself going through an attraction that has literally never existed… it was a huge attraction that was part fun house and part assault course, with these random mini ball pits scattered throughout it that I kept tripping over and falling into. Interestingly, it was themed to Gangsta Granny, with police sirens throughout, and the marketing slogan “at least it’s a Gangsta Granny ride that’s more than 500ft long…”…

But most bizarrely of all, I was accompanied through the attraction by none other than the ensemble from Modern Family! I don’t remember much about how they were involved, but I do remember Jay Pritchett talking animatedly about closets the whole time (sounds random, but makes more sense if you’ve ever watched MF), Gloria repeatedly tripping over her high heels, and Phil Dunphy cannonballing into every single ball pit and having the general expression of a kid in a candy shop…

I know it sounds random, but that’s what genuinely happened…


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I had a dream last night that Alton Towers was gonna permanently shut it's doors in 2025 after the Nemesis re-track. Although I suppose that makes it more of a (k)nightmare.