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Nicky Borrill

Strata Poster
Archie's set at slkstn unlocked looks great fun... Obviously gonna help if you like D&B, but some odd songs mixed that you wouldn't have thought would work so well, and overlayed with theme park music too... Great stuff, wish I'd gone now.



Strata Poster
Someone the other day asked if it was daft to get emotional about a coaster re-opening - and, apologies for the fanmail @Serena - but this sprang to mind.

I don't think I properly appreciated the track (which basically describes the way our favourite parks make us feel) until after I'd read the MH article, but I completely identified. I was walking around the house singing it last week...
Wardley would be thrilled to hear it - and this is my favourite song on this theme since 2011. I also like that there's a bit of the trademark wordplay in there (or I thought it was anyway)

I also accidentally used one of your lyrics in a therapy meeting this week, but that's another story.