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Most Aesthetically Pleasing Coaster?


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Has there been a topic about this?

Whats your most aesthetically pleasing coaster?
Mine is probably Goudurix, it looks brilliant over that lake.


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I have always found Colossus at Heide Park looks great, and Nemesis looks awesome with the blood red waterfalls in the canyon. There are many others though.


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Very good question...now by aesthetically pleasing do you mean, the coaster layout itself, its theming, its location, or all of the above?

Nemesis Inferno made my eyes water when I first say it, I also really like Sheikra's interaction with the theming. The Hulk looks beautiful with its cobra roll over the lake...the list could go on. I think we'd be better of discussing which coasters look the least aesthetically pleasing :lol:


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I really like Black Mamba, and how a lot of the track is hidden at first but then you see more and more of it the closer you get to riding <3

Crystal Wings looks pretty impressive too!

Not to mention Big Thunder Mountain at Disneyland Paris.

Martyn B

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The new Invert at Asterix is just gorgeous!



And its not even finished yet!


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mouse said:
Has there been a topic about this?.

Twice since I joined. But it's a topic that needs to come up more often, and we DEFINITELY need a category like this in the Airtime Awards.




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I think I made a topic like this once myself :p To answere the question I would say Dragon Khan, Furius Baco or maybe Goliath (Walibi World). Port Aventure is great at making good looking rides! I have high hopes for Shambhala too! :)


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^ I want to say expedition geforce, but i could very well be wrong :lol:

Switching between the hideouts'...


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^^Goliath at Walibi Holland...

I have to say that I like the look of Loch Ness Monster. There is just something about it that is so cool. That and Excalibur at Funtown Splashtown (haven't been there though) are my favorites .


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For me when I first saw Oblivion, Stealth and The Big One (considering I'd never seen a coaster of such size) just took my breath away, also Expedition Everest when you see it across the lake, I also agree that Sheikra, Nemesis and Furius Baco look stunning. I'd probably say the winner for me is Oblivion.