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Make fun of my favorite roller coaster.


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so the deal is, you post your favorite roller coaster and make fun of the favorite of the person who comments above you.

this one should be easy..

el toro ?

have fun and keep it classy


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El Toro? IDK I love that ride, uhhhh not sure.
It was soooo much cooler opening year when you got airtime over the top of the lift hill. They had to slow it down over the top laaaame. And El Toro more like El Bore-o it doesn't have any stalls, inversions, wave turns or flying reversed banana crepe rolls!

Sorry I really got no jokes for El Toro
Here I'll give a real easy one. My historically favorite and most ridden coaster:

Millennium Force
Nothing can be worse than what forums have already said for years!


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millenium force is over in like 10 seconds, perfect if you want three moments of airtime for a 300 ft ride. even b&m does better than that...

mine is black mamba- the perfect mix of theme, environment, intensity, immersiveness, ride experience...


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Black Mamba... I mean... You've obviously not ridden many decent coasters or even Taron, in the same park, for that matter. It tries to do what Nemesis does but not as good, making it kind of irrelevant.



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Shambhala? Are you mad?? Apart from Silver Star, Shambhala is the worst B&M hyper in Europe. ;)

Steel Vengeance.

Goes on a bit doesn't it? And the ride too


(realised this came across WAY harsher than I meant it to! Sorry Howie <3)
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Curves and beauty is all you are looking for?!
I thought you were a grownup not a teen! 😉

I hope I didn't go too far.

My favorite coaster is Untamed at Walibi Holland (in my profile it's F. L. Y. because I didn't want to have a coaster from my favorite park to provide a bit of variety)
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90% of Untamed is completely forgettable, the only memorable thing about it is the product of Alan Schilke struggling to come up with new elements.

Intimidator 305

James F

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I've known more intense zierers!

Skyrush (please try and avoid the "thighcrush" thing)
It's called skyrush, yet it's not a launch coaster and most of the ride is low to the ground. The person who designed the station just gave up in making it anyway efficient and it's basically like Hersheypark's underachieving and problemed child, while Candymonium is the kid who's going to Harvard.


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Helix - what a steaming pile of wasted potential. Two rolling launches should be great fun but with the Mack LSM launch you barely notice them. If Intamin had built this thing it would be amazing. Then there's that final barrel roll - it somehow manages to be even more slow and awkward that the final roll on Colossus. And what about the name - it basically means corner. Corner - the ride. Boring name, and completely irrelevant - does Helix even have a helix? Finally the theming - what theming? With a beautiful setting it has so much potential but instead the station has a shipping container feel to it, cheap and tacky.

It's an interesting exercise to write bad things about a coaster you genuinely love!

My #1 - Hyperion.


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My #1 - Hyperion.
Energylandia had SO. MANY. OPTIONS to choose from, and they arguably chose the worst possible option. While it could have been budget or space related, both the Vekoma offer and the first and 2nd Intamin offers look a lot better (based on the POVs) than the one that ended up being built. And honestly, what kind of boring splashdown pool is that?

As for my favorite coaster, Orion (I prefer Steel Vengeance as a ride but Orion is more personal to me)


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Orion isn't even a giga. Seems like Kings Island couldn't afford the extra 13 feet to make it a giga, instead they build their second B&M hyper. Also another out and back. The other one is probably better anyways. Also have B&M just started copying RMC? Cant they just think of their own elements?

I love Flying Aces, the better Skyrush!

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It would have been SO much better if they had made the loop inverting. Bruh. No.

Now, a fourther! Goliath SFOG, Raging Bull, Wild Eagle and Lightning Rod.


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It would have been SO much better if they had made the loop inverting. Bruh. No.

Now, a fourther! Goliath SFOG, Raging Bull, Wild Eagle and Lightning Rod.
Too short, too many turns, too slow, too closed.



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Avalanche @ bpb

Oh cool, a right turn! Oh cool a left turn! Oh cool a right turn! Oh.. cool... a left turn. What could possibly be next?? Oh cool, it's a right turn... Just a big slide really.

Can't really pick a single #1 but Maverick is up there.