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Himeji Central Park | Unknown | Venus GP relocation | 2022


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It looks quite a bit smaller. I guess that space shuttle gave it a weird sense of scale.
wow! really cool that this coaster got relocated and is looking so nice! I hope to visit it march 2023 if I can get my Japan trip together!
Hakugei, Eejanaika, and Flying Dinosaur are my most anticipated!


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that is pretty devastating. those things are the best, i wish they would start making new versions with a similar ride system. slowly lurching forward is so tense. and then getting swept away onto your back is a breathtaking feeling


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Love how similar the opening ceremony here was to the closing ceremony the ride had at Space World!
cant believe i might want to return to this rustbucket of a park. central my ass! its out in the boondocks an hour from himeji 🤣
I am going to Japan in march 2023 and was thinking the same thing. Will probably not be able to make it to this park because its so far from Kyoto. Kind of having similar thoughts about Tobu Zoo while I am in Tokyo. I may have to go if Regina is reopened... that and Kawasemi seem to be good enough reasons to visit that zoo of sadness.