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Do you have an advent calendar?

Do you have an advent calendar?

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Matt N

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Hi guys. As many of you probably know, today is 1st December, the start of advent. That can only mean one thing; the return of advent calendars! Many people across the world, particularly children, have these delightful little items to help them count down to Christmas, and they come in many different varieties. You have your traditional picture-based advent calendars, you have chocolate advent calendars, and in recent years, all sorts of new varieties have appeared. I’ve seen makeup advent calendars, gin advent calendars, whisky advent calendars, toy advent calendars… you name it, there’s probably an advent calendar for it! But some believe that advent calendars are for kids, and that they’re something you grow out of. With this in mind, I’d be really intrigued to know; do you have an advent calendar? And as an aside; if you do have an advent calendar, what sort do you have this Christmas?

Personally, my answer is; yes, I do have an advent calendar. I know I’m 20, but I’m personally a sucker for a chocolate advent calendar! I’m not the most Christmas-loving of people by any means, but I do get a certain joy out of waking up every morning in December and being greeted by chocolate!

This year, I have a Lindt advent calendar, where you get a different variety of Lindt chocolate each day, all building up to a 40g chocolate Santa on Christmas Eve. This morning, I was greeted by a lovely Lindt mini reindeer!

But I’d be really keen to know; do you have an advent calendar? And if you do, what sort do you have?


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We have three of these in our lounge in a row on our fireplace mantelpiece…

The middle tiles spell our initials (x & y) leaving 24 tiles…

As an advent calandar, we fill up the frames over December with new ‘magnet photos’ of memories of that year, so by the time it’s Christmas Day we have 24 ‘new’ memories on display which we then keep up for the following year. Photos are of events, places or just weird photos we’ve sent each other.

Last year’s memories get transferred to the fridge on 30 November. So we now have a fridge with 150+ memories on it and the collection keeps growing 🤩

Writing it out like that sounds a bit saccharine… but honestly it’s really great and we get compliments on it from guests all the time. Highly recommended! 👍
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I bought myself the most childish one I could find with plastic animals that make up a whole zoo by Christmas.

I shall give them (except probably the koala) to my honorary niece in the New Year :)
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Every year, my girlfriend and I buy ourselves Peppa Pig calendars. No reason besides that we find it funny.

Next year we will also buy a beer advent calendar we have seen in some stores and, since she loves cooking and discovering new recipes, I am saving to buy her an advent calendar that has spices from around the world. It's completely handmade from a specialty store in our city, and once Christmas is over, you can take the decorations and numbers out and it doubles as a spice rack.