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Biggest misnomers in the theme park industry

Matt N

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Hi guys. Normally, things in theme parks have a name that suits them and makes it clear to the guest what they are, or aligns with the guest's expectations about which rides are named what. For instance, in the case of somewhere like Blackpool Pleasure Beach, the tallest roller coaster in the park is called "The Big One"; this is a name that makes it quite clear to the guest what the ride is and aligns with their expectations of the Big One being, well, "the big one". But sometimes, things aren't named in quite such a fitting way. Sometimes, names for things in theme parks are misnomers. Sometimes the park does it as an attempt at irony, other times the park does it unconsciously, but misnomers, or misleading names, certainly exist and are used within the industry. So I'd be keen to know; in your view, what are some of the biggest misnomers in the theme park industry? What things have the most misleading names, in your view?

I'll get the ball rolling with two of my suggestions:
  • Icon at Blackpool Pleasure Beach - Given that you can't even see it from the road directly outside the park unless you squint, I'll admit that I do find Icon to be a slightly odd name for this ride... as much as I do love Icon, I'd argue that The Big One is a more "iconic" ride within the same park.
  • "Comfort collars" on Premier Rides launch coasters - Most who've experienced these restraints say they're rather uncomfortable, so I'll admit that I do find the name "comfort collars" somewhat ironic...
But what are some of the biggest misnomers within the theme park industry, in your view?


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Flight of Fear
Especially the one at Kings Island during the Firehawk years, when it sat right next to a flying dutchman. For awhile the park had five coasters that hung below their tracks, but Flight of Fear is/was not one of them.


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Zadra: Wood Coaster. Steel track and a mix of steel and wood supports. A very nerdy irk for a tremendous ride.

Cliffhanger could be a great name for a dive coaster. But if a park just so happens to have a cliff of some kind you'd hope it would interact with it in some way. Maybe go with a company that has experience building off any cliff or working round obstacles and other rides 🙄.

Does Leap the Dips make complete sense? Surly you would leap the hills.