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Your worst spite

Dan Nguyen

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My worst spite probably has to be Flying Turns. I made my first visit to Knoebels in summer of 2020. Most of the park was short staffed, so I missed out on Impulse and Flying Turns. Came back to the park in 2021 and finally got the Impulse cred. Flying Turns was still closed. Let's try again in 2022! A lot of the stuff that was closed for COVID opened back up except the one coaster cred I needed, Flying Turns. I finally rode it for the first time last summer. It was alright for what it was.

Sooperdooperlooper was closed for the day on my first visit to Hersheypark. I went back to HP during COVID and Looper was still sitting closed. Funny enough, the train was sitting in the exact same spot on the brake run in 2013 as it did in 2020. I got the cred eventually in 2022.

Losing Steel Curtain at Kennywood during COVID really sucked too. I lost out on a lot of other rides visiting during COVID. Noah's Ark, Turtle, Ghostwood, etc but SC was the biggest loss to me.

Little Devil at GAdv was supposed to be my 300th coaster. It was closed that visit, so I tried making Oscar's Wacky Taxi at Sesame Place my 300th. Nope denied. Huge bummer! Super Grover's Vapor Trail ended up being my 300th. Not a bad milestone, especially since Wildcat's Revenge was #299 for me. I did end up getting that Little Devil cred eventually, so I can say I've ridden all the operating coasters at GAdv.

GAdv also spited me out of Bizarro on my first visit in 2016. The ride ended up going down for maintenance in the afternoon and never went back up again. On my next visit in 2019, Bizarro opened, but trying to get Green Lantern, I sat down in the seat and then the ride shut down for weather. I did end up getting Green Lantern and Superman when I went in 2021, but Jersey Devil was closed (this was right after Stunt Pilot lost its wheel). I finally rode JD in 2022, which was great. The ride was apparently not running its best in 2021 anyway, so those amazing 2022 rides made up for that.

Knott's was another story. I originally didn't plan to visit Knott's at all on my last SoCal trip, but I was in the area and had an extra day before Disneyland, so I decided why not? Xcelerator, Montezooma, and TImber Mountain were all closed. I knew about Xcelerator and Monte. Seeing both closed was almost the deal breaker for me not visiting Knotts, but Timber Mountain was the biggest loss IMO. Luckily Indy at DL just went back up from its refurb, better than ever. That totally made up for losing Xcelerator and Monte. I'm glad I also got their Splash Mountain before that closed forever too.

Whizzer at SFGAm was closed both days I was at the park last year. The first day it had rained out and the ride doesn't run in rain at all. The next day, it was completely dry though. Ride was still closed,


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Id personally say Top Thrill Dragster. I knew it would be closed but just seeing it there standing and not operating was just sad times all around!


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For me it would be X @ SFMM, yes X and not X2.
I've visited the park in september 2006, and I allready knew the ride would be closed because of the gearbox which got blown to pieces just a month earlier.
So I managed to get over one of my spites as I finally got to ride the Ghost Train at Thorpe on Tuesday. It's an interesting experience, I wouldn't say it was bad but I also wouldn't say it was good. The actors though gave there all so fair play to them. Next week we're off to Skegness for the weekend so I'm hoping to get over Odessey and Millenium as well, could have all my spites done in the sapce of 2 two weeks!


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My worst is the Ultra Twister at Rusutsu Resort. So much effort to get there and the very first park of our Japanese coaster trip only to find it shut for the season early. Hopefully one day I'll get back...