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Worlds of Fun | Zambezi Zinger | GCI (partial) Titan Track | 2023


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I rode Zambezi on the 22nd and didn't have the same experience as the last few posts. This was my first ever visit to WoF and I thought it was pretty good. I have it 2nd in the park behind Mamba. It was aggressive, which I tend to like in a coaster provided it isn't old and rough. I didn't notice any issues with the restraints either unlike quite a few other coasters on this 12 day theme park trip (I'm looking at you Outlaw Run and Wonder Woman Golden Lasso).

I will say that Zambezi has potential if not well maintained to get super rough very quickly. However I was pleasantly surprised on how well the other two woodies (Timber Wolf and Prowler) in the park were. I don't typically enjoy older woodies because they tend to be way too rough but the ones at WoF are pretty well maintained, so I'm guessing the same care will be done for Zambezi...