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What new-to-you coasters do you feel are your most likely top 10(ish) contenders in 2024?


Roller Poster
For top 1, my trips to Florida, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Indiana, and Ohio all have one contender. For Florida, the contender is Iron Gwazi, for Pennsylvania, the contender is Skyrush, for Virginia, the contender is Intimidator 305, for Indiana, the contender is Voyage, and for Ohio, the contender is Steel Vengeance.
Here is how I expect my top 10 to look like at the end of this year, and my current top 10.
1. Skyrush1. Millennium Force
2. Intimidator 3052. Valravn
3. Iron Gwazi3. Steel Force
4. Voyage4. Gatekeeper
5. Steel Vengeance5. Outlaw Run
6. Millennium Force6. Powder Keg
7. Valravn7. Time Traveler
8. El Toro8. Raptor/Rougarou
9. Jurassic World VelociCoaster9. Wildfire
10. Maverick10. Gemini
0. Cheetah Hunt0. Fire In The Hole


Hyper Poster
Well I can kinda cheat a little bit having already completed my first trip in 2024.

Taron - Currently sitting comfortably at my no 4 spot. It's a stunnning ride with some great laterals, snappy transitions and a couple of nice moments of airtime. The theming is ridiculous and night rides take the coaster to another level.
F.L.Y. - Managed to get the no 5 spot. Again the theming on this coaster is just spectacular. I loved how the ride interacts with the surrounding Rookburgh area and the coaster itself has some fun forces. I honestly think this is the pique for flying coasters. I don't think they can get better than F.L.Y.

Now for the trips I have planned...
Zadra - If this doesn't become my new no 1 I'll be shocked. Whilst the layout seems to have fewer airtime moments than Untamed, the sheer scale and pacing of the ride looks like it could beat Untamed. Likewise the elements that are there look spectacular. The airtime s hill looks ridiculous and I am a sucker for a good stall. Hyperion - Given how much I love Kondaa I think this is a clear top 5 coaster for me. The first drop and airtime hill look to give ridiculous airtime! I'm very excited for this one!
Lech - I think this is the wild card. The drop looks ridiculous and there's some nice pops of airtime and postives from the looks of things!
Hyperia - I mean this coaster appears to have some of the best elements i've ever seen on a coaster, let alone on a coaster in the UK. I'm almost certain this ride will blow me away.