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Walibi Belgium | Kondaa | Intamin Mega Coaster | 2021


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That Walibi Belgium will open a brand new megacoaster is well known. A 50 meter high, 1200 meters long Intamin Mega Coaster with a maximum speed of 113 kmph and 15 airtime moments.

Today, StarParc took some pictures of trees being sawn at the future location for the megacoaster!



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Already crazy excited to have this 25km from where I live. Still (probably) more than 20 months to go though.


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Was it always that good looking? Did i forget how awesome it looks? I love everything about that except for the cobra roll, looks gimmicky and they never ride that well. Although I do like Hyperion's turnaround so if it feels a bit like that then goody goody gum drops.


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The park has announced that the first preparatory work on the mega coaster and the African themed zone will begin in februari 2020.
Can't wait till this coaster opens!

Exact location of the Mega Coaster in the park, across Tiki-Waka and next to Challenge of Tutankhamon!



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Interesting info thanks @KristofWB ! By the way where does the park announced it ? I can't find if it was a newspaper article or other sources ?

Here you can find a French newspaper article with an interview with Jean-Christophe Parent, confirming the start of the works in February 2020 :


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Lori Marie Loud

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The fact that you put "!" at the end of every post breaks my bones, but at least this insanity is finally getting off the ground.


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Anyway, so this coaster... This is due to open next year, am I correct? I'm thinking this might finally tempt me to go to Belgium again! Does anyone know what those arched structures that they're tearing down were used for?
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