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Vekoma building ZigZag test-construction @ Vlodrop


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Sorry, but not my drone. I know a drone pilot, who has taken droneshots from the Tiltcoaster. So i asked him if he would like to take a look. He agreed to take a look with the drone soon.

Little not on topic, but I know.
He has great drone shots from Efteling and Toverland as well.


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I would love them to design a pivot/slide table that does a horizontal vertical loop. like the train moves laterally through the loop. or even like... an entire section of track. like the sideways train temporarily becomes a wide dive coaster


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Some real images from today @ Vekoma Vlodrop.
In the image above u can see the top-track part that will swivel.

In the image above note the small blue pulley (on the left in the image), in case of an emergency to hoist the train to the right spot on that trackpart.