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TusenFryd | Storm | Gerstlauer Invert | 2023


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Seems like the ride length and capacity is similar to a SRII. I have no idea what kind of crowds Tusenfryd typically expects, but it's already gonna be low capacity enough, so I wouldn't want to worsen that with a second cycle.


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In any case this WON'T be open on Saturday, opening will take place sometime next month instead;

Edit; Why the heck are they using SLC trains to promote it?
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Last minute solution to start an 2 for 1 promotion when the opening has to be postponed. Parks keep doing the mistake to announce an opening that cannot be guaranteed on a regular basis. Have a flight booked for the last weekend in May. Fingers crossed.


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I can't lie, I really like the look of this. It certainly appears as if you'll get yeeted out of your seat on that airtime hill, and the entry of that second inversion is just so bizarre. I love it.