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Theme Park Related Puns/Jokes

Matt N

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Hi guys. Sorry if there's already a thread like this, but here is a place for you to show off any theme park related puns or jokes. I'll get the ball rolling with some awful attempts at humour that I made up:
  • If Icon were a menu item at McDonalds, which one would it be? A Big Mack.
  • Thousands of enthusiasts flocked to Cleveland for the opening day of Steel Vengeance. I don't personally see da point.
  • What would you call Nemesis if you were to set it on fire? Nemesis Inferno.
I look forward to seeing what you can come up with!

Matt N

CF Legend
All good so far; keep 'em coming, guys! I don't care how awful it might be! I can't think of any more at the minute, though!


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What do you call a women who is short, fast and rough? Rita.

What do you call a rough B&M? Asif.

I went to Thorpe park to have a look around and I SAW: The rides.

I was at Drayton the other day when I see some queue jumpers. They got told by park staff to learn some Drayton Manners.
I was on x...half way down the drop I had a number 2

Xcelerator has always been a six flags coaster...even before the merger it had "the ride" on the end of the name

Ninja...the white belt of roller coasters