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I'm currently enjoying Big Brain Acadmy for the Wii.

In the year (nearly) taht the Wii has been released Ive rarely played it as I don't really want to jump about when playing games on my own.

BBA is ideal for sitting down and playing, very little of this jumping around crap. It's a simpley et addictive game...Nintendo at it's best.


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I'd REALLY REALLY recommend scarface for the wii too if you want something to play.

Sure i have a vested interest in it.. But it is fun to play!


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Stuntman Ignition.

Possibly the most irritating game ever, but it's proper "old school, one more go!" stuff, and fantastic.

Don;t play it if you're a modern gaming pansy , but if you were brought up on 'repeat ad infinitum' gameplay like Moon Patrol, Pacman and Donkey Kong; and you love racing games; then it's the perfect game.

I hate it, but it will be my favourite game ever! :lol:


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furie said:
Stuntman Ignition.

HELL YES!! Love it!

That and Crash Of The Titans.. Out on monday (or friday if yer in the uk).. Buy it for yourself.. and a copy for your friends/nephews/uncles/etc...


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Yea i'm also a huge Stuntman fan, the first was great, and the new one is more of the same greatness just with even better visuals. I thought the new stringing idea was good, but can make getting a 5* on a scene a bit easy at times, especially on a bike.


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Their ace, means that the ace belongs to them.

You wanted to say "They're ace" as in "they are ace"

Gees, why do people find that so difficult?


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hAlO 3 gYs!!!!!!!!1!!!


Halo 3 is probably great, but to me it's just another game, and I'll get it in due time.

As for killer games...Forza 2, Resident Evil 4, Metroid Prime 3 Corruption, Saint's Row. Grand Theft Auto IV will be great too.

And furie, Stuntman Ignition is really cool. I've just downloaded the demo and I really love it. I'm going to get it this week.


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Game on the 360/ps3 at the moment I also love and is worth getting (much more than halo) is "Skate"

it pains me to recommend an EA game.. but it is REALLY REALLY REALLY good!

And looks cracking too!


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4 Weeks today till Assasins Creed and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warefare is released.

I think the killer game will be GTA IV. Look out for the 3rd and final trailer, its out this month I believe.


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YAY I has converted some into liking good games.

Yes me has made Jer play REZ and he loved it.

So yeah... don't be an idiot GET THE DAMN THING. you'll learn a lot of stuff from it. like originality is good. graphics aren't every thing.

Also Psychonaughts Looks awesome, any one know how difficult it is to get?


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By the way did I happen to mention HALO SUCK METAPHORICAL ANUS!


ALSO! MAGAZINE REVIEWS AREN'T RELIABLE (yay for zero punctuation :D )

REZ for Xbox360 in HD GET IT! (also get ikaruga... it looks cool with the polarity and i'm a sucker for bullet hell)



Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing DONT GET THIS.it sucks. there is no collision detection or anything in the game. although it is funny when you can reverse to infinite speed :lol:


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1. No need to shout
2. Nintendo are doing more to innovate than any other games company out there, in their software as well as their hardware. Sure they re-use the same characters - but the doesnt make them unoriginal.


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Need I say more?

sure you could go prancing arouns saying oh look at the awsome realisitc grpahics in my totally over rated Halo 3! but I say **** that look at my awesome and trippy wireframe graphis in Rez you brag about your surround sound and how awesome Halo 3 is because the surround sound makes it seem real...I say get Rez and we'll see what sounds better.

Gameply 9/10
Graphics: 10/10 (for originality)
Sound: 12/10(it's THAT good)

Bottom line: Screw Halo get Rez!