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Silk Road Paradise | Xi'an China | Theme Park


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I have seen some better pictures of the Mine Train and the Spinner but you'll have to find them yourselves. If you just search their names they should be easy to find... ;)

Nah just kidding. heres some screen grabs of the 2 coasters. Showing the mine train isnt a clone of the one at Sunac Chongqing and the Spinner has the most drawn out barrel roll I've ever seen.

Note these images are from various stages of construction so some have way more themeing added than others.



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Theming has started to pop up round the park with most of the rollercoasters looking completed.

The flyer looks all unwrapped.

The Jinma mine train looks to have some fun theming and trains are on the track:

Framework has gone up around the minetrain:

And yea 🤨 they are building an Intamin Zac Spin 25m model, did not think we would see a new one of these be built.
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I was a little worried that I was wandering into the dark web before clicking this link...

That flyer looks kinda cool, better hope the mechanism that keeps it in flying position never fails though, some of those elements won't be very nice upside down and backwards!!!


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Just noticed the flyer is using the vekoma method of going up the lift on your back and getting flipped on your front after!

Something I've noticed about these manufacturers, is that they don't have the same creativity with their supporting as the bigger firms. I don't know if it's because of earthquake laws, or just plain cost-engineering, but it looks weird to me seeing box-track being supported so uniformly!

Compare this one:

With Manta:


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The only thing i can find is that this is a "new gen" Zac Spin so maybe this is what the new supports now look like. But i think your right with the earthquake proofing being the reason 😊