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Should I Hold a Competition


Mega Poster
U mm, hi there to all reading this.
I was going through the parkitect sim thread, and I saw Hyde's comment about hosting a competition, and that got me thinking what if we had a No Limits or Planet Coaster competition here on Coaster Force? I mean it wouldn't be anything to over the top, and sadly I can't make the prize money related ( I don't think my parents would like that). Although a nice fun competition where the members of Coaster force can show off there build and be a little competitive with each other, while having fun. But I would like to know your thoughts on what you think. If you don't think it's a good idea then just write it below and I won't do it, but if you guys like it then I'll try to make one.
Anyway thank you for reading and if u take the time to contemplate whether or not it's a good idea, Thank You.


Strata Poster
There've been some regular No Limits competitions in the past, but they kind of died off a few years ago. I'm sure you could get some interest going again however.

I've never been involved in the past competitions so I'm not the guy to talk to, but I'm pretty sure @tomahawk hosted a few of them. He can probably tell you more about it and there's definitely a few others that may give some insight as well.