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Sea World Australia | Leviathan | Gravity Group | 2022


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wow, I was just wondering about this (and the mack at dreamworld) yesterday... spooky! maybe oprah was right with that manifesting stuff.

i can probably grab a nifty ~8 creds over 4 parks in 2021 if all these guys are ready by then. thats huge for this side of the world :p

pajama sam

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first real construction update on this forum.

credit goes to themagician on parkz

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A couple more images, and a slightly bigger version of the zero car picture:-


The design for the back of the train/reverse seats. Looks like the coaster will have an overbank on the left.

View of the 3 new rides, Vortex (the new Huss Top Spin) opens next Month, Leviathan and Trident (the new Starflyer) open next June.


I really hope we get an animated POV soon cause I honestly think this could be better than the MVR woodies in China, especially with the backwards seats the near-misses.
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