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Roller Coasters... in Minecraft!


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Figured I might as well post some of my creations here.

This is Sky Squid, a MACK dual launched coaster inspired by Helix and ICON. It has 6 inversions, a length of 5216ft, a max speed of 63mph and a maximum height of around 140ft.


Also, this is a GCI terrain based woody called Wolfpack, it was built on top of a forested hill. From highest to lowest point, this ride measures 14 stories tall with a top speed of 56mph and total length of 3730 feet!


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Very impressive! I know from first hand how difficult it is to build in Minecraft (been a moderator on a couple of servers). I would of been outstanded if you had done all that in survival!

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Ah man, I remember when I used to do those kinds of things. Helped out with a decent chunk of a Dollywood recreation before Lightning Rod was announced. Good times.


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I've been doing another coaster (lime green track) since, it's a B&M hypercoaster called Northern Lights and inspired by Goliath at Six Flags Over Georgia. This is at the same amusement park as the wooden coaster, Wolfpack.

I'm glad to know that there are more Minecraft themepark enthusiasts on here than I thought.


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Coaster trackwork is great but the supports shouldn't just be vertical. That's my only problem


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This is absolutely amazing. I maybe did a minecart that went down a hill once, but never anything this wild!


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@TPC I agree, my support building "skills" are awful, but I've recently added some extra pillars jutting out of the hyper's support structure.

And that orange coaster is a Gerstlauer Infinity with a holding brake, called Summit Striker. It has a height difference of 44m/144ft due to the terrain it's built on, 6 inversions and a maximum drop angle of 110 degrees.


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Looks amazing, you should have put a lot of work into this one. I am playing Minecraft as well and now I know that this not easy at all, especially when you don't make it randomly, but try to recreate one from the real life. I spend a lot of time on https://minecraftservers.biz/universemc/ with my friends, and every time we try some different ideas of what can we do in the game. We have done so many different things, but still we do not get less fascinated about this game, on the contrary it only becomes more interesting.
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Absolutely, Minecraft roller coasters are pure awesomeness! I've been building some of my own sick rides lately, and it's a blast.