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PortAventura | Uncharted | Intamin Multi-Dimension Coaster | 2023


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Today Uncharted has not operated at all.

It seems that Intamin still needs to work on the ride. Hopefully, soon enough we will be able to enjoy the coaster at full (low) capacity.

@Lofty I was not really expecting anything mind-blowing, but it seems that all budget was spent in the facade and queue line, whereas the ride itself is poorly executed. The main problem is that a ride dubbed 'dark coaster' should be, indeed, dark, but apparently there are so many openings that the gravity portion of the ride is partially lit showing the track and the poorly integrated screens, thus spoiling the "magic".


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A bare room with a few screens is exactly what I expected from PortAventura. 🤣

Shame they couldn't've done more with it but I'm not surprised in the least.


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If the rumours come true, and Project Horizon actually ends up being a dark ride/roller coaster....this is exactly how I'd imagine Merlin to pull it off. Maybe with a little less theming in the queue line even 😂
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I got to ride Uncharted today, they were running 2 trains. The queue line was being held out side and about every 15 mins they let about 20 or more people through into the inside part of the queue. I waited 2 hours and 30mins to get on.

The facade actually looks great in person, wasn’t too impressed from pictures that I saw. The queue theming inside is also great.

The coaster it’s self is actually really fun, the launches have some kick to them and the spike was one of my favourite bits, as well as the backward drop into the brake run. But the theming inside is awful, there is nothing, just some screens hanging down, plus you can see the coaster in front of you as it isn’t quite dark enough. I played all the uncharted games and was excited for the theme and story but it just wasn’t there. Like I said though, it’s a great coaster


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The ride was okay. It needed to be darker though, and it was quite short for what is supposed to be a dark ride. Great individual elements but it left me a little wanting.

Unfortunately I found myself comparing it unfavourably to Gringotts and The Mummy at Universal.

The facade looks really good though when you're there, the forced perspective effect when you're not right next to it really works well. The queue was really well themed I thought, but I wouldn't want to spend more than 20-30 minutes in it.


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I came off with a more positive opinion today, after skipping the ride on Saturday. It probably helps that it didn't break down today during the queue.

Overall the ride is fun, but lacking. I echo the opinion that it simply isn't dark enough in there and it's too short, but it is still enjoyable.

I do think it needs one or two more elements though as the ride time doesn't quite justify the queue time at the moment. It feels like they cut it short.


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I rode it the last weekend... well, reading all the reviews I was totally lacking hype.
Maybe for that reason, enter the ride with nothing to expect if not a good little ride... Surprise!!! I've to say I really enjoyed it! Too short, yes... 'cause I wanted more of that, more sudden drops in every position, more drifting turns, more tiny launches. I wanted more of everything.
And guys if this thing is smoooooth; If you think Shambhala is glass smooth (and yes it is) you have to try Uncharted

Overall I liked it