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(Parkitect) Pleasurewood Acres

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This thread is for my work-in-progress megapark, Pleasurewood Acres. Located in the UK and very, very obviously inspired by Pleasurewood Hills this park sees if it can be the solution to me being bored in the game, and so far it's working remarkably well.

Let's just get straight to the point.

Note that right now Blitz Rockets is the only coaster in this park I will post right now, but a few other rides are extremely close to being done, and I will upload those as soon as I'm happy with them.

Start date = 18 October 2021

Blitz Rockets

Blitz Rockets was the first coaster in the park, a custom-layout Schwarzkopf Jet Star inspired by Cannonball Express at Pleasurewood Hills. I call it the Jumbo VI. The layout's gone through a revision with this being the original. You can see the framing on the ground as I originally intended for this to be a permanent travelling coaster but due to clearance fails at the very end I had to lower the terrain, but I decided to keep the framework because it looked nice.

a crash on The Blitz Rockets that killed three people, three of its trains were transferred off and the ride runs with just two trains now.


...and this is what the park looks right now so far. There are quite a few rides that I call "done", but the areas they are in aren't, and for me that's not upload worthy.

The Square will most likely be the next ride for me to showcase (see if you can guess which one that is) as that's a quick and easy dust-off before I'm happy with how it looks - just walling buildings and adding trees.

Stay tuned.

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The Square


A variant of the Maurer Maus, The Square is the second coaster to grace the park and I designed it to be an intentionally horrible coaster that's awful to look at, rides terribly, and really should be removed. Themed to chess... or cheese? Maybe it's themed to geometric shapes? Why's there a military themed Air Race right next to it? Either way, it's here to stay. Mercilessly voted as "the UK's worst coaster" several years in a row, these days people just point and laugh at it but it stands proud.

My personal thoughts on the coaster... not great. I don't really like it at all but when I showed it to one of my buddies when he was bored, he found it to be incredibly funny with how bad it was. He lost it when I showed him that these things existed in real life.


So here's an update on what I've added over the past five days. You can see something pretty new and pretty significant, but it'll be a while before we cover that. Up next is Ninja hopefully next week - I wonder where on the map that is.

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First name Arrow, second name Dynamics. This coaster was created for one sole reason: to actually use the "double corkscrew in opposite directions" elements which is the centerpiece of the ride's plaza. This was my first ever attempt at Asian style decoration, and it's pretty obvious that it is attempt one. But hey, if I do this again, it's only uphill from here. I only discovered Asian architecture mods after this area was done, so guessing I should've found that stuff earlier.

You may notice the four different silver and black elements of launch coaster track. These so-called "Icon Shrines" were an idea of mine after someone commented 'Icon' after I showed off the ride's Japanese ideas. My personal favourite Icon Shrines are the one that replaces one of the transfer tracks, and the hill to the left of the second lift.

The frog hoppers are 'Yin' and 'Yang' and the shot tower is called 'Shinobi Tactics'. Shinobi Tactics is named and coloured after one of the upgrades in Bloons TD 6, a strategy tower defense game, for the Ninja Monkey which buffs the attack power of other Ninjas in the radius. Shinobi Tactics also buffs the stats of Ninja so I say they fit perfectly together.

To the right of Ninja is an unnamed park, and the bottom right is something you lot will see later. Top left is classified for now.


The antique cars by Blitz Rockets has been replaced by a go-karts track. Zen Garden area has received a major touch-up. The original Speed-like Eurofighter has been flattened and completely redesigned. The start of the next area which houses the Eurofighter is continuing to go forward.

I was hoping to make more progress between then and now but I'm lazy, although posting a weekly update so far is enough to get me off my arse and build something.

Up next is Grasshopper hopefully next week.

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Are you using mods or will this be completely vanilla?
It was originally going to be vanilla, but over time I decided "I can't make what I want to make without mods" and slowly started getting more for the park. I have very little experience with major projects and mods at all, so don't expect expert use of most of them. Hopefully the back ends of the park are significantly increased in quality compared to the start but no guarantees!

Short answer yes I have mods.

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Grasshopper a (mostly) faithful recreation of the Zierer Tivoli Medium:
Grandson Express a massive RCCA wooden coaster:
Primal: The Pre-Miracle Age a safari jeep ride, next to an under construction restaurant:
Miracle an under construction Mack Xtreme Spinning Coaster:
Jagermeister an under construction Intamin Accelerator which has had a layout redesign:
Sky Tower replaces the Haunted House:
...and Formula One Racing is set for demolition due to low excitement and is due for a replacement with something better.
Sorry to keep y'all waiting!

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Surprise surprise, this project is indefinitely delayed. I wouldn't say cancelled though.

In the coming days I'll put this project up for download on the Steam Workshop, but for now I'll showcase how far I got before stopping.

Sky Tower is a viewing tower with an elevator in the middle of it and an art piece to the left of it, built after I visited the ArcelorMittal Orbit Slide in London.


Blitz Rockets is a Schwarzkopf Jet Star-style coaster inspired by Cannonball Express at Pleasurewood Hills.


Grandson Express is an RCCA wooden coaster purposefully designed to have zero airtime. The orange lake is the Tea Lake, complete with limescale hidden inside it.


Unnamed Go-Karts replaces the basic U-shaped karts. It has an incredibly suggestive shape in it. This new remake of the old karts was designed to be indoors, mainly in hopes of increasing its excitement rating.


Anchor Drop and Aqua Factor are a drop tower and a log flume. At least one of you will recognise the tap from watr, one of my previous builds in this game which I documented in a discord server. The main inspiration for both rides were Jolly Roger and Water Fun Factory at Pleasurewood Hills, although they don't exactly share many similarities with each other apart from maybe their locations.


The Square (left) and Restricted Aerozone (right). The Square is the last of the Pleasurewood Hills-inspired rides sadly. My disliking of Marble Madness translates into this ride where I purposefully made the ride bad including trims and questionable building structure choices (totally not parallel to be not being arsed enough to make this ride look good). Restricted Aerozone has no real inspiration, just modelled to represent a military base you're not supposed to be in.


Grasshopper is a remake of a Zierer Tivoli Medium.


Ninja is a two-lift Arrow megalooper designed entirely around the two corkscrews that go in opposite directions, located near the batwing. Shinobi Tactics is the S&S launch tower inspired by the Bloons TD 6 upgrade for the Ninja Monkey that buffs Ninja Monkeys around him. This translates pretty well into the tower buffing the ratings of the roller coaster due to ride interactions. Keen eyes can spot strange silver track scattered across the area. These are "Icon Shrines" as this park is in a universe where Icon was scrapped, but lives on here, kind of fittingly in a Japanese themed area. You can spot Icon's immelmann, the hill after the first launch, the heartline roll, and a transfer track that's acting like it belongs.

To the right you can see the Zen Garden which is an area designed for chilling out.


Fans of @Nicky Borrill 's Speedbuild Competition will recognise this layout. This was an entry to the Multi Launch contest where it was then called 'Scarlet Surge'. It lives on here as Constructor's Carnage themed to a construction site.


Now we get onto the story-based area of the park.

This next area is based around an era where humanity "went too far" with technology and caused the apocalypse, wiping out the majority of humans. The few survivors were stuck in remote areas of the world that weren't affected, and they were sent back to essentially prehistoric methods of hunting and gathering. They knew what "phones" and "roller coasters" were but weren't smart enough to know how to build them. Primal: The Pre-Miracle Age is a tour through what these times were like. Trust me - there's a ride under these trees.


This went on for a couple thousand more years. Eventually, a celestial being saw how humanity had actually respected nature enough in their new way of living, something they didn't do in the past which caused the apocalypse. The celestial being gave their hand to the humans and restored the apocalypse-ridden parts of the world to beautiful natural areas, rich with trees and animals. The celestial being's way of thinking was "you can do so much better, you have clearly learned from your mistakes, I will give you one more chance".

This was known as the Miracle.

And so the world was restored and the celestial being left instantly after. The humans were impressed by the being's actions, and wanted to find a way to thank it or send a message in return. They quickly got a hold of how things were made and built using cave drawings and so, bad old habits immediately returned.

This is the device that the humans built in order to contact the being to thank it for its actions. They also built the Miracle Radio Tower and Ocular Miracle in order to support with sending radiowaves into the distant worlds and contact it. The building of these systems was against EVERYONE'S wishes but the humans are ruled by tyrants who have never been told 'no' in their lives. People actually seemed to prefer the primal way of life as they understood the consequences of centering an entire world around one species (something that cities and towns did). But no one of power listened to them. The Miracle Systems were turned on, and they succeeded in contacting the celestial being.

Predictably the being was incredibly upset with what the humans had done. They repeated old habits and were absolutely bound to restart the apocalypse. As punishment, the celestial being straight-up made humans extinct and allowed the world to progress without them.

I never got to the stage where the being destroys the Miracle Systems and humanity, but it would've been called something along the lines of "D.O.O.M" (Destruction Of Ocular Miracles) and would've been in a section of the park which would be a parallel universe where existing rides had minor differences (for example, Constructor's Carnage as an RMC with inversions and outerbanks).


Funk God is an Intamin hydraulic launch coaster with an indoor section filled to the brim with pretty aggressive strobes. You may notice the fake track which is used to disorientate riders even further. The actual coaster itself is extremely short, with the indoor section lasting just 20 seconds as it was originally intended to sync with the main drop of Jägermeister by Da Tweekaz. If you download the park you can see that the holes in the walls that lead to the indoor section don't line up with the track. That's because this coaster has gone through several layout changes.

The exterior of Funk God was eventually going to be a facade of flats and apartments with loads of windows. These windows would be designed in a way where you can see lights flash out of them when a train sped into the indoor section where the strobes turned on. That never came to be because I stopped work on this project before that ever happened. Assigning all of the strobes was nightmarish enough!


The final coaster I started work on before I stopped this park was The Dreamer's Hotel, named after the song by Enter Shikari. The ride area was going to be filled with optical illusions and rainbows and static and strobes and all that, with the entire exterior being that hotel window pattern you're seeing.


Here is the download link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2810850653


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My final thing to add is the defunct coasters of PWA that we lost along the way.

The original layout for Funk God:

Carnage (replaced by Constructor's Carnage):

Velocity 99MPH (replaced by the coaster below this one):

Anger Storm (replaced by The Dreamer's Hotel & Primal):

Wormy Tea (replaced by Grandson Express):