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After the death of Pleasurewood Acres was caused by building too-small coasters in a too-big park, I decided to rectify this with Geometry Kingdom where I build BIG coasters in a BIG park.

The coasters would be picked by a website that picks random Extreme Demon levels from the game Geometry Dash, the highest ingame difficulty, and the coasters would be named and themed after the level.


Hell-themed extreme demons are a bit cliche' in Geometry Dash so having at least one was inevitable. I decided that whatever this first coaster was, it was having a Zero-G Roll over the entrance path, and a B&M invert would suit best. The twisted first drop leads into a vertical loop, an element I'm not a fan of in this game as it can't be built on inclines which is a constant nitpick I've had forever after buying it. The main task after this was to get to the entrance path but a straight line after would've been boring, so an overbanked 360 succeeded the loop. Then the straight line could commence.

After the Zero G I wanted to turn back around into two corkscrews in opposite directions before a forceful helix, then I wanted to make it back to the station. My challenge with this park is for every coaster to utilise diagonal sections of track so they felt less grid-based, and here it's used albeit very briefly on the inline twist before the brakes. The Top Spin that neighbours Armageddon is The Ritual, which will melt your face off.

The coaster in the background of this POV is 'Bye', an Intamin hydraulic launch that was scrapped shortly after being finished due to it not taking up enough space (really). Its replacement was...


A party-themed level needed an intense RMC i-box to represent it. Most likely the coaster in this park I'll forever be most proud of because of its interactions and position with the lake, unless I outdo myself in the future which is not looking likely. Element progression is dive loop -> outerbank -> giant cutback -> wave turn -> upwards Zero G into a turn -> diagonal section with a downwards barrel roll near the end. The Trabant that neighbours Jamboree is Junior Jumble, named after one of the puzzles that the skeleton brothers are fascinated by.

Coming soon is Fexty, an Arrow mega looper and Another Phase, a launched B&M wing.