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My first live


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So this was my first time at a coaster force event. Honestly had a great time at chessie. Shout out to @Serena for coming up with silly and fun queue line games and @nadroJ for introducing me to this community.

It was so great to meet you @jxe_03 😊 Thank you very much for coming. I will never forget you trying to eat pizza pasta buffet with your vampire fangs!


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Christ, I'm old. Your first Live was 17 years to the day after mine!!

I was actually a bit disappointed when I realised you weren't joining us at Thorpe - I have a fair idea how you spent the day and you know where I am when you get sick and tired of being sick and tired ;) ;)

Seriously though, it's often good to have some non-coaster talk and I enjoyed putting the world to rights in the Tiger Rock queue even if our search for caffeine ultimately proved fruitless! It's also fun to meet someone who laughs at the stupid things I say which everyone else has heard a hundred times before :)