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Mattel Adventure Park | Glendale Arizona | Theme Park | 2025

Screaming Coasters

Strata Poster
I have some reservations about Chance’s involvement, on two points. One, this is Chance’s first launched coaster. They’ve had absolutely no experience prior with the concept nor have they advertised any launch systems on the market.
That is made even more obvious in the second point, which is the hardware. So far Chance has manufactured and delivered just the launch track section of Hot Wheels. The train chassis will grip the rails from the inside, as expected, but onsite images seem to almost suggest a flywheel launch.
Call me crazy, since its legit only been used on two coaster models, but that wouldn't compete with other products. I'm not permitted to share a full image so here's a cropped photo attached, see what you can make of it;
B&M have also never made a shuttle coaster, but hey ho, new ventures and all that… It’ll be fine. Chance is over 60 years old, and had a fair share of innovative rides, so it’s fair to say they know a thing or two.


Giga Poster
Hot Wheels coaster track spotted over at Intermount plant a few days ago, was on jw.coasterpics’ Insta story. Black indoor launch track is already on site. We haven’t seen Hyper GTX track pieces manufactured since Lightning Run in 2014, so hallelujah!


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CF Legend
Really hope they've solved the torture devices that are the trains. Lightning Run would be absolutely incredible if the seats and restraints didn't feel like really hard cheap plastic.


Giga Poster
The official names of the two coasters have been confirmed, with the family coaster being Boneshaker: The Ultimate Ride and the GTX as Twin Mill Racer. Other notable attractions mentioned include the “Thomas Adventure Train: Treasure Hunt” (also from Chance) and “Hot Wheels Unleashed 4D Ride”, both of which are fairly self-explanatory; https://blooloop.com/theme-park/news/mattel-adventure-park-rides-attractions/

On the construction side of things, Twin Mill Racer’s launch track has gone up, with far less finesse than most launch coasters we see today. It is, after all, a first-time for Chance;


Hyper Poster
Definitely makes sense. I was looking at the live cam earlier today and thinking that they have a long way to go if they are going to open this year.



Giga Poster
Boneshaker outdoor layout construction is underway, it has Montu colours. To the right of that you can see the completed lift hill within the building structure;
Screen Shot 2023-04-04 at 1.53.26 PM.png