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Longest Vs. Shortest Song in your Library


Strata Poster
As the name suggests, what is the longest song in your library and your shortest?

Shortest: Horrible Theme~Jed Whedon :10
Longest: Symphony 9 (New World Symphony)~Dvorak 50:34


Strata Poster
Oh yeah.
I'd have to go upstairs and look what the shortest is, but there'll be a few things under a minute.


Mega Poster
Shortest: Alton Towers Splash Landings Theme - 0.11
Longest: Alton Towers Toyland Tours Full soundtrack - 22:46


Giga Poster
This is a bit sad really but both of mine are coaster related :)

UG Land loop - 14:14
Detonator countdown - 0:15


Hyper Poster
Shortest (apart from Sound Effects): "Here Come The 123s" by They Might Be Giants - 0.09
Longest: "Symphony No. 6" - Beethoven (BBC Philharmonic) - 47.22


Strata Poster
Shortest: Pending Silence - Souleye, 0:02
Longest: A State of Trance Episode 519 - Armin Van Buren, 2:02:09