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Lego 10261 (Rollercoaster) Thread


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Has anyone else built the Lego Coaster? I've been assembling it over three evenings now and I've still got the train to go.

I love this thing, it has a:

- Functioning Lift Hill with proper gears and tensioning (IMHO the best bit to assemble), and proper chain (IMHO the worst bit to assemble).
- Decent layout length for the size of the model.
- Functioning transfer track. I don't know why I am so happy about this but I am.
- Tyre brake to stop the train in the station, also propels the train from the station to the lift hill.
- Candy floss and Juice stalls.
- Photo pickup booth and on-ride camera for the first drop.
- Functioning gates at the station (these move individually, would have been cool to see these geared up too, but that's just being picky).

Everything else aside, the lift hill is genuinely the best bit. I love it, and the mechanics of it I found really interesting. The chain tensioning system looks like a real one too.



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Nice, how was the Ferris Wheel? I'm now wondering what the hell I am going to do with this thing, it's not small.


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Not done the Ferris Wheel, but built the Carousel last year.
Looks nice and quite a clever mechanism, but not my favourite build.

I loved building the Rollercoaster though.


Legoland make this, which looked fun but also had a lot of non-connected bits which would go missing and annoy me.

71BnFbrq7HL._AC_SL1110_.jpgAnd yesterday, I bought the Haunted House model :D


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Yeah, I got the rollercoaster during lockdown and loved it. A really fun build with lots of details.

It's part of the same range as the Haunted House, which is also a really good substantial build and is basically a version of Tower of Terror.


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Oh, awesome :D
I haven't opened the box yet and hadn't realised that's what the lift mechanism actually was :)


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Nice, how was the Ferris Wheel?
I really like the look of it but the build was kinda boring. Its like step 1-8, make the arms for the wheel... now do it all again.... and then double it once more. But I guess with the spokes there really isnt a way to NOT have it be repetitive haha

Digging back in my Twitter Time Machine....

And non-park related, I couldn't help myself with NOT getting this one <3
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It's neat and all, but I could buy the entire CDX coaster collection for this price.