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Knott's Timberline Twister Replacement

Announcement just came out a 7 am pacific time...and it's a big one.

If the admins want to change this to construction, please do so.

Snoopys Tenderpaw Twister: decently well themed family coaster where tt was. Looks to be the same layout and model as the Daddy Pigs coaster. I would Infer Zamperla. No stats, but one lift and one launch.

Sally's Giant Swing: its a screaming Swing...but 10 feet tall. Looks to be replacing the ferris wheel.

Camp Snoopy Train enhancements

Redo of the main restaurant with a new design and new menu items

Theater renovation. New show, more stroller parking, and new architecture.

New family restroom, and possibly redo of the existing ones.

Camp store refresh

Possible retheme of the truck ride to fit the more adventurous theme. Look like Jeeps in the animation.


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Some media;

Very much like it, plus now we have the holy trinity of Snoopy’s family coasters (Racing Railway, Soap Box Racers, Tenderpaw Twister), all extremely different makes and models.

Hope Knott’s doesn’t enforce a child companion policy for this ride, had to jump through an unreasonable amount of hoops for the CW coaster. Good news however is that this will have an 18-20 passenger train and Timberline Twister didn’t have the policy, so likely not the case.
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Shame they're not installing two of the swing rides. It's a fantastic ride model, but there'd really ought to be at least two of them next to each other to absorb the crowds.
I just rewatched the animation...I know its just a rendering, but they talked about extending the train. In the animation it runs beside what currently is the Truck ride. The only thing there is Monty. Should we be concerned? Also, Woddstock's airmail relocation to a new sub-land.

Looks like a good overall refresh. I just hope that it isn't as chaotic and intrusive as the Fiesta Village redo. That took way longer than it should have, it really messed up that side of the park for almost a year, and there are still missing elements. This seems like a little too much for current management. You can't close your only kids areas for too long. People wont understand, and they will get pissed. The actual renders look good, I just don't like the new sign. The canoe worked perfectly, and seemed more friendly and inviting to kids. SWSD has one of the swings, and it never gets more than a 10 minute wait. The jeep ride vehicles are much better seeing as the honking trucks are the single most obnoxious noise ever. I am curious as to where airmail is getting relocated. The ferris wheel plot is now the swing it seems, the tt corner is full with the new coaster, maybe where the meet and greet area was? I don't mind a whole refresh, but there are some other priorities before CS in my opinion. Some high capacity and GP pleasing coaster, Monty in some form.

Also I will make this a separate forum, but Coastrider has been down for a while redoing the station, and maybe removing the shin guards.


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I’m pretty sure its a clone of daddy pigs coaster

Daddy Pig coasters are the next big clone

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