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Just loaded Indoorlands from german studio Pixelsplit after reading about it on Parkerlebnis. It's quite obviously about building an indoor themepark. Most interesting IMO is that next to coasters you can also design costum flats.

I'll look into it in more detail next weekend.


Release Trailer - Youtube


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Did my first hours of play and have the following impressions - which might well change later on:

  • Starting the game you get more of a SimTower kind of view. You do not build shops or toilets or midway games. they all come as pre-designed blocks. Which kind of two-sided - first its easy to place those, on the other hand they all look the same. Therefore its a "faster" game compared to PlaCo were you spend weeks to design a toilet building
  • The rides are placed inside big halls that you can theme. Beginning a game I use pre-designed themes as you don't have all theming options - you have to unlock them during the game. So IMO its makes only sense to costum theme a hall after you unlocked all theming options. Really fun is making you own ride programs - like for a Break Dancer you can control the multiple engines spin speeds and save multiple programs. Then "ride" your program with POV.
  • So far I didn't used the flat ride designer - was too intimidating for me at first. Hopefully some tutorials will pop up on YT soon
  • I also abandoned my first try on building a coaster. Maybe I'm thinking PlaCo too much but the track designer is way different. Its a kind of free flowing continuous track you place which you can then adjust in height, tilt and inversion. There are no pre-defined track pieces or inversions. The developer has a tutorial - will watch that later
  • A big plus its very difficult to run a negative budget. Its very easy on the financial simulation and that lets you build and expand fast. Way better than PlaCo - but I guess no one plays the latter in any other than Sandbox Mode.
  • Overall so far give it a C+/B-