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Hypothetical drop tower idea


Roller Poster
Does anyone ever imagine really wild and crazy ride ideas? I do!

For example a Drop tower with a cruel twist. Imagine this.

1) You board some mega tall drop tower that is enclosed within a tall building. Say 400ft /120 meters tall.
2) You go up to the top and when at the top, all the lights go out. It's now supper dark inside and you can't see anything.
3) It first drops a couple of meters (about 7 feet) as a jump scare.
4) Now all the seats go/turn upside down. You are now upside down and inverted, head down and feet in the air.
5) A 10 second count down begins, but it drops you on 7, as a further surprise.
6) When falling down (with one inverted upside down and in pitch blackness), you get water/mist squirted at you.
7) When at the bottom, all the seats go/turn normal way up, and then all the lights come back on as normal.
8) The cycle repeats for next set of riders and so on.

Would you ride the hypothetical above? I would!

I do wonder what is the closest thing to this that actually exists in real life?

Regards: Elliott.