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Gröna Lund | Monster | B&M Invert | 2021


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I know the ride doesn't break any records but it looks so aesthetically pleasing and well-integrated that I don't even care how tall or fast it goes. I know it's going to be a lot of fun. Plus, there is something that catches my attention about underground coaster stations.


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Thank you for the POV @FABH - this truly does look extremely graceful and just pure bliss!

The world needs more coasters like this... nothing overly serious or trying to exist just to be a record breaker - and there must be something to say for that.


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Can someone please clarify when the coaster is supposed to open? Gröna's website says that it opened a month ago today, but it really does not seem like it's finished yet?


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Currently Swedish parks look to set to open in early June (Grona Lund June 2nd, Liseberg June 3rd).

So whenever the park eventually opens up, Monster will open.

I believe Liseberg are allowing people to buy tickets from tomorrow, so there must be some level of confidence that the June opening dates won't be pushed back.


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So there's still no date set in stone? I thought parks in Sweden were allowed to open soon?
Gröna Lund will open next Wednesday, June 2nd. Tickets have to be pre bought and are valid only for the day chosen. Ticket sales started last week for Gröna Lund. It is extremely unlikely that the opening date will be pushed back further.


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Date keeps getting pushed back since parks in Sweden can't open yet afaik
So there's still no date set in stone? I thought parks in Sweden were allowed to open soon?
Restrictions are going to be eased Tuesday next week, and the parks will open in the days after. AFAIK this is set in stone. Regional restrictions may still apply, but I don't think Stockholm or Gothenburg counties have made any objections.


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There is nothing more beautiful than a sunset ride at Gröna Lund

Asså monster är otroligt vacker och känns relativt kraftfull. Verkligen vad grönan behövde. Hur kändes åket?

MOD TRANSLATION: "Monster is incredibly beautiful and seems relatively powerful. Exactly what Gröna Lund needed. How did the ride feel?"
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Asså monster är otroligt vacker och känns relativt kraftfull. Verkligen vad grönan behövde. Hur kändes åket?
I'll state what the mods have said before, please stick to English when speaking on the forum publically. Makes the life of the mods easier and allows everyone on here to read other people's posts. If you wish to speak in alternative languages, feel free to do it in the DMs.

I know it's not really my place to say this but someone probably would've done anyway.
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What @CrashCoaster said. Please stick to English in these forums. I've taken the liberty to add a translation this time, but if it happens again I will just delete it.
I don't think it's actually written in the site rules that this is an English speaking site tbf (I checked), it just kind of is. It should probably be mentioned in the rulebook.


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CF is open to all so I’m not going to ask members to write in English only, nor do I feel the need to “legislate” for it (unless it gets out of control!). However, CF is predominantly an English speaking site so I would much rather posts be written in English. With this in mind, those fluent in English must be kind to those where English is not their first language.


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Die Bahn sieht super aus. Sehr Kompakt und etwas strange mit den vergeudeten Höhenmetern der unterirdischen Station - aber so ist das wohl, wenn man eine neue Achterbahn in einen kleinen Bereich quetscht.

USER TRANSLATION: The coaster looks great. Really compact and somewhat strange with the wasted height of the underground station - but I assume that's what it's like if you have to fit a new roller coaster into a rather small area.


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^Maybe CF should have a built in translator that automatically adds an English translation to foreign language posts, like that but automated. That would solve the issue, though I bet it would be a pain to implement.


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On a completely seperate and on-topic note that I'm surprised hasn't been brought up yet, what is that weird piece of steel with a rope attached to it for on the crest of the lift hill? Never seen that on an invert before.