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Furuviksparken | Lightning | Vekoma Family Coaster | 2023

Should be interesting. The name Lightning, with how it's been advertised and teased, looks like an RMC Raptor Coaster. Could be wrong and probs wrong knowing my luck with predictions, but the way it's been teased could be something like a Raptor on along those scales of thrills.


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Did we ever work out where the S&S Axis is going for 2023? I don't know but that logo kind of gives me potential Axis vibes. Also, the park is owned by Parks & Resorts Scandinavia who also own Skara Sommarland, the park that has Tranan, the only S&S Free Fly ever built. Maybe I'm way off but it's just an idea.

Either that or maybe a Zamperla Lightning coaster.


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Don't get your hopes up. This is a tiny Zoo/Water/Amusement Park in desolate area with really low attendance. The few visitors who come here are exclusively families with small children. It's highly unlikely that this place ever gets a thrill coaster. Even a thrilling flat ride is a stretch. If parks and resorts should add add a thrill coaster Skara and Kolmården are way higher on the list. Both those parks are in much better relative locations. Furuvik is barely an amusement park. Before 2010 it was used by a local showman to dump whatever he wasn't touring with that season. That changed with parks and resorts buying Furuvik in 2010 and improving it.

The only thing that could prove me wrong is that they are teasing a 2023 attractions this early. They wouldn't do that for a flat ride or wacky worm.

If it is a coaster then it is impossible to guess what it will be. Parks and Resorts have never shown any customer loyalty to any manufacturer. Had a chat with a manager at parks and resorts who said that the company sent the whole management team to Orlando to scout coasters. They were all most impressed by Mako. That probably dosnt mean that Furuvik will get a B&M hyper but I hope Kolmården will one day see one.
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The video immediately made me think launch coaster.

As above, it's hard to get too excited as I would think that this is still in the grand scheme of things a small scale thing, but large in the context of the park. But if we're going in dreamland territory, I could see an Intamin Hot Racer as an outside chance.


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I've found the following press release.

LIGHTNING - NY ATTRAKTION TILL FURUVIK 2023 Berg- och dalbanan Rocket har gjort sitt på Furuvik och har nu monterats ner och forslats bort. Anledningen? På platsen ska det uppföras en helt ny attraktion redo att ta Furuviks besökare med storm säsongen 2023. Vad det blir för attraktion är ännu hemligt, men idag avslöjar vi namnet - Lightning. Till säsongen 2023 kommer en ny spännande attraktion att stå klar på Furuviks tivoliområde. Den kommer att uppföras på platsen där Rocket stod, men vad det blir för attraktion avslöjas senare i vår. Vi kan däremot lova att den kommer att ta tivolibesökarna med storm något som också namnet antyder - Lightning. – Det känns jättespännande att äntligen kunna berätta att vi har en ny attraktion på gång till säsongen 2023! De senaste dagarna har vi flyttat bort Rocket och nu börjar förberedelserna för att uppföra något helt nytt på platsen. Allt ska stå klart till premiären 2023 och jag kan inte vänta till dess att våra gäster får uppleva det här, säger Sandra Wilke, vd på Furuvik. Rocket byggdes 1983 åt en engelsk nöjespark och kom till Furuvik 2011. Den klassiska berg- och dalbanan har bjudit på många fartfyllda åk genom åren, men nu har banan gjort sitt på Furuvik och har flyttats till ett lager i Nederländerna i väntan på en ny ägare.

ENGLISH (from Google Translate):
LIGHTNING - NEW ATTRACTION TO FURUVIK 2023 The Rocket roller coaster has done its thing at Furuvik and has now been dismantled and removed. The reason? A completely new attraction will be built on the site, ready to take Furuvik's visitors by storm in the 2023 season. What the attraction will be is still a secret, but today we reveal the name - Lightning. For the 2023 season, a new exciting attraction will be ready at Furuvik's amusement park area. It will be built on the site where Rocket stood, but what the attraction will be will be revealed later this spring. On the other hand, we can promise that it will take the amusement park visitors by storm, something that the name also suggests - Lightning. - It feels very exciting to finally be able to tell that we have a new attraction underway for the 2023 season! In recent days, we have moved Rocket away and now the preparations for building something completely new on the site begin. Everything will be ready for the premiere in 2023 and I can not wait until our guests get to experience this, says Sandra Wilke, CEO of Furuvik. The rocket was built in 1983 for an English amusement park and came to Furuvik in 2011. The classic roller coaster has offered many fast-paced rides over the years, but now the track has done its thing at Furuvik and has been moved to a warehouse in the Netherlands waiting for a new owner.

SOURCE: https://www.mynewsdesk.com/se/furuv...tning-ny-attraktion-till-furuvik-2023-3166361
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Nothing new but now we now know Rocket isn't getting scrapped. She says the new "attraction" will be built on Rocket's old plot, without specifically mentioning land clearing. This makes me suspect that they have a similar footprint, thereby eliminating anything major.

My guess is that it will be a coaster, probably a Zamperla Lightning but could also be an El Loco or RMC Raptor. Maybe a Vekoma Space warp? I highly doubt it will be anything larger than that but I also don't believe it will be something minor. This will probably be the biggest investment this park has ever gotten. If it is a Zamperla Lightning I think it will be one the smaller models. I don't see Furuviksparken getting a 927m model.

Parks and Resorts have a monopoly on the Stockholm and Eastern Sweden market. They own Gröna Lund in the middle, Furuvik to the North and Kolmården to the south. Unless they are enthusiasts the people living here wont travel to Tusenfryd and Tivoli. It's great that they don't just sit on their monopoly but invest heavily in it. Kolmården got Wildfire, Gröna Lund got Monster and now Furuvik needs something. Maybe Skara will be next? Although that's pretty close to Liseberg and Skara is more of a waterpark.
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The classic roller coaster has offered many fast-paced rides over the years, but now the track has done its thing at Furuvik and has been moved to a warehouse in the Netherlands waiting for a new owner.
Ah yes, I wonder where that could possibly be?

Surely not the guys who have built up a good enough track record (pun intended) with the likes of Kanonen/Matugani, Knott's Boomerang/Boomerang Hyper Coaster, Zaturn/green coaster, and more recently, Ratón Loco/Ridderstrijd and Crossbow/Forza?

In good hands, I say.


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I really doubt that. Parks & Resorts Scandinavia are usually pretty conscious about quality.
The prototype of this thing literally derailed in the neighbouring country, I don't think they've forgotten that.


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I also highly doubt that coaster. P&R Scandinavia seem to care about quality and I don't think they will add another invert right now considering that Monster is brand new.


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Exciting to get a new coaster just a two hours away from where I live... Did a video talking a little bit more about the park and doing some speculation on what I think they can get. Some has been already mentioned above but I am throwing some new ones into the discussion.