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Explain a coaster element.


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The task is simple. An alien life form
has landed on our planet, and wants to know about Earth's variety of roller coasters. Your duty is to explain an element from a coaster you've ridden to said alien life form.

EXAMPLE - 153 turn on Outlaw Run: It's like they were building a zero-G roll, but said " **** it" halfway through.


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The 200-degree stall on Wicked Cyclone: Someone took a lunch break haldway through building it, then forgot which way the relative roll was turning in NL2.


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Section between MCBR and Corkscrew on Anaconda at KD:

"But we have loads of track painted and ready to go! How can we fit it in there?"
"Just......just make it a twisty bit"
"But they're not all turns!"
"Doesn't matter! Just......bend them as much as you can'"

Sequoia Adventure, Gardaland:

The designer couldn't draw 3D Wild Mice very well.


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^Even aliens know they're loop-de-loops. :wink:


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Corkscrews: they were trying to make a loop-de-loop but they accidentally stretched the K'Nex track they were using to design the coaster.

Lori Marie Loud

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Joker's Zero G Stall and Twisted Colossus' Top Gun Stall: Someone had a lunch break and forgot that the roll was meant to be a 360 degree roll, not a 180 degree roll.