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Epcot | Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind | Vekoma Omnicoaster | 2022

Matt N

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Sorry if I’m missing something here, but what’s wrong with WDWNT, out of interest?

With regard to the news, though; exciting! Here’s hoping that this is a sign that the ride will open soon!


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Sorry if I’m missing something here, but what’s wrong with WDWNT, out of interest?
Woah boy, drama time. For your interest I will proceed to outline one personal issue.

Over the summer, some random father got some kind of sickness and died while at the resort. WDWNT supposedly took the liberty of having a rep reach out to the grieving family and asking for some commentary just short of a full interview. They wouldn't leave them alone. I don't remember how it got out, but when it did people got pissed and went on Twitter. One thread in particular grew substantially a couple days later, and thats when WDWNT's head guy got his personal account out and started a war with everybody in there. Was actually pissed off for defamation, and wildly accused us that we didn't go to school for journalism. It was Robb Alvey levels of childishness, but some time later the entire tirade was wiped by Twitter. Thats just one personal issue that I was involved in, others may have varying stances on this.

The thing about the USA Disney news sites is that they're run by reporters with major egos who often become gossipy. They don't abide by journalistic integrity, which i believe to be important when you're trying to cover news. Gonna have to keep it short cuz I'm not big on defamation, and I know that many here have it out for a certain Dutch site, but while I trust much of WDWNT's info I don't respect somebody who will bug a family over their dead father and then proceed to publicly insult those angered by it. All for the latest juice.


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The Xandarian Starship has started to be installed outside the ride building. Shame that it looks there will be a support unlike in the concept art.






Source: https://wdwnt.com/2022/01/photos-wi...ardians-of-the-galaxy-cosmic-rewind-in-epcot/