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Dreamworld Australia | Steel Taipan | Modified Blue Fire Clone | 2021

Nicky Borrill

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I mean, hypothetically it uses more "total" power. The train is accelerating from stationary to the final speed all the same, but instead of inputting all that energy in in one step, you do it in three stages with friction losses in between. The power input isn't linear, but that's not really important when you think in these terms.

What the multi-pass launch does offer you, however, is a lower "peak" power draw. You're spreading that power surge out more. Sometimes (in fact, often times) that's the bigger problem for utility infrastructure. Peaks are a problem, total net power isn't usually so much of an issue.

The other benefit, although not utilised here, is that you can make the launch track much shorter giving a bit more flexibility in the layout.
Thanks, I had wondered if it could have been an exponential increase in power in relation to the desired acceleration, for example 1 m/s2 costs you 2kwh upping to 2 m/s2 costs you 6kwh, 3 m/s2 costs you 18kwh. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Obviously I have absolutely no idea if this is the case or not, which is why I was asking :)


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Apart from the agonizingly slow beginning, it definitely is a Blue Fire clone all right.

Not that that's a bad thing, of course. It kind of amazes me how such a large coaster has become such a successful clone model. There have been more Blue Fire clones built than Intamin Impulse coasters, for instance. Counting Steel Taipan, there is just one more Batman clone in operation than Blue Fire clones, and the former even has the advantage of being bought by the notoriously clone-happy Six Flags chain.

Now let's hope the Taron clone gets similar traction.


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The real question for me with this ride is will it be better than the other Blue Fire clones?

Was watching the video and without that I saw you wrote this, it was my first thoughts too.
I like Blue Fire. Don't really think this is an upgrade to the coaster.


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They've just over-engineered this one tbh. This variant doesn't really add any thrill aspect except for travelling backwards briefly (at a sacrifice of riders per hour I imagine). They should have just modified the existing circuit layout IMO.


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A close up image of the snake skeleton themeing:
And some interesting pathing:

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damn... maybe I'll have to fork out for that. spinning inversions is always fun.

I'm meant to be in brisbane for a conference (borders open fingers crossed) dec 6... wonder if that will be in time or not...