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Cornwall Crealy sold


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Alton Towers founder buys Cornwall Crealy theme park
http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe- ... y-34131496

In a nutshell, the plan is to turn into a resort and not add major new rides.

Interesting though, I wonder where that leaves Crealy Devon. Will that be up for sale in the near future?


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That's interesting though because that guy is a nutter. Only a matter of time I say until the insanity and urge to build an amazing park returns and he started churning out the creds.


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I wonder what this means for Devon's Crealy, it seems to be going strong with two new creds in two years. Perhaps this will mean further development for the park. Athough Cornwall's is the better park, Devon's is in a more desirable location and has more space (I think) for further developments. There's a gap in the market for a decent quality theme park in the South West, so hopefully more money will go towards that...

Or maybe they'll just sell Devon's Crealy too because it's ****.


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Ah, really interesting.

I don't know whether it will affect Devon's Crealy at all as for a long time it was the only Crealy park and is the original. Most of Cornwall Crealy's infrastructure is from it's Shires days as far as I remember (although I haven't visited in a few years).

To me, the "won't have big rides" is a statement aimed at keeping local people off their backs during development so it might not be as set in stone as it reads. It does seem to have more of a Center Parcs vibe that a theme park though. I wonder what they mean by tropical lake though. Would like to see some plans if/when they get released.

It will be interesting to see how it pans out. He is known for his grand plans (battersea power station anyone?) so if things to come to fruition it could be something quite unusual.

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How much would it have sold for around? If it's a decent amount we could be seeing some bigger investments at devons crealy, if they get in a decent coaster here (I think they will, Broome will probably get the urge to build more rides, then we could be onto a decent resort! (which it seems to be heading towards rather than a park).