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I am a final year student at Cardiff Metropolitan University currently in the process of completing my dissertation. I have designed a questionnaire, and am looking for the views of rollercoaster enthusiasts.
The results of this questionnaire will help me to investigate the different influences on visitor perceptions of amusement parks following a crisis.

I appreciate you taking the time to complete this questionnaire, it should take less than five minutes to complete.
Your responses are voluntary and will be confidential.
If you have any questions, please contact ST20041044@Outlook.cardiffmet.ac.uk

Thanks in advance!

The link to take part is just here



Mega Poster
I answered the questions.
For me, it's not about whether a ride had an incident or not, it's about what caused the incident. For example, I would still ride the Smiler because the incident was caused by human error. Actually, the incident made me learn about Alton Towers and now I'd like to visit it (this shows the statement "there is no bad publicity, only publicity", can be true).
If there are fatalities because the ride derailed or the restraints opened, I would not ride it or visit that park.
The manufacturer also is important to me. I trust the manufacturers that have a good reputation more than small manufacturers which don't build coasters regularly.
Another factor for me is whether there is an independent safety check like TÜV in Germany, I feel much better if I know that someone independent checked the ride.


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Done! Best of luck with the dissertation, awesome that you get to write about coasters...