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CANCELLED - Helix Må Kex | LISEBERG | 2nd - 3rd May 2020


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I cannot for the life of me remember if I've done it @Ben and don't want to duplicate but our flights are still booked and unless they put us in a forced quarantine I'll be there because I've already had two trips cancelled this year.


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UK advises against non-essential travel anywhere in the world

I guess this kills off this trip then :(
Well... not just yet. The current advice, published today, says for an initial 30 day period. We may, being optimistic, find that that's enough to get things under control.

That said, Liseberg are now reporting being shut until 25th April, and I'd be surprised if that wasn't extended.


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We'll see - as you've probably seen this week new and prognosis changes daily. I'm not optimistic but I'm not cancelling anything yet.


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Liseberg are delaying opening until at least 16th May.

The UK government travel advice against all but essential travel was published on 17th February and expires on 16th March. If the government extend this advice over the coming days/weeks to cover the dates of your trip, I would expect that would be the point that your trip provider or travel insurance will be able to issue you a refund.

Information correct as of evening of 19th March 2020. Best wishes to you all and hope to meet you on a future CF-Live.


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Hi All,

As Bamber has said - unfortunately Liseberg have postponed their opening until (at least) May 16th due to the ongoing Coronavirus situation - which means that the Live will of course be cancelled.

Obviously gutted that it has come to this - but grateful to Liseberg for being quite upfront with this delay to give us plenty of warning. Nothing worse than having to hang on until the last minute!

If like me you've booked flights already, check with your airline and travel insurance for their latest advice - I personally will be waiting until closer to the time to see what changes with the situation to see what is the best way for me to get my money back on them - but this may not work for everyone.

At this time we have no plans to reschedule this for the immediate future - the situation is too uncertain for us to be able to commit to any other dates with reasonable confidence. However, we love Liseberg and will be making every effort to get back there as soon as is viable!

Any questions, please let me know - but for now, please keep safe during this crazy time and when it's all blown over we'll all get back to riding together!


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Oh ****ing ****ing bollocks and arsewipe.

Completely understandable, sensible decision from the park. Gutted on a personal level but ah well, always next year.

Will be doing the same as Ben and waiting out to see if Ryanair end up cancelling more flights rather than jumping the gun now.


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^ definitely ; it will be a lot easier getting money off the airline for a cancelled flight than it will be getting a payout from travel insurance (who will likely not pay out anyway because of their "pandemic" clauses).