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Busch Gardens Tampa | Phoenix Rising | B&M Family Invert | 2024


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I almost want to revisit the park just to get a couple rides on the Skyride, so hard to find these days and that one looks lengthy!

Missed it in 2022 with my trip.

Of course - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14q08ShYPLkzasPfNtufPI9UwLEvwGwJHLSTyay_P_dA/edit?usp=sharing

Its by no means complete. Plenty of missing ones, especially the older designs.
This is great! I can't imagine ANYONE else has done anything remotely close to this, except for maybe B&M themselves. Come to think of it, I know I have a couple pics of Tatsu in the parking lot before the installation, but I don't know if I took any pics of the markings.


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Don't forget this beast. Possibly my favourites looking double down of all time.

Although it doesn't exist in this configuration anymore unfortunately (it was replaced by a normal drop after a fire and now runs as Wild One at SFA)