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Battle of the Blue Streaks!

Which Blue Streak is better?

  • Blue Streak (Conneaut Lake Park)

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Roller Poster
Just curious what everyone here thinks as I've heard mixed responses on both of these rides. I personally prefer the Conneaut Blue Streak.


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Social Media Team
They're both not great, but the one at Conneaut Lake was extremely janky and made it memorable at least. I had to look up the Cedar Point one to remind myself of what it was. That's probably enough of a reason to distinguish between the two.


Roller Poster
Both of y'all have good points. I probably only prefer the Conneaut one because of home park bias lol


Hyper Poster
Never got to do the Conneaut Lake Blue Streak before it got ripped out, but I’m a huge fan of Cedar Point’s. I think it’s a top 5 ride in the park and personally prefer it to Millennium Force. It has stronger air, and I very much enjoy old wooden coasters.