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Aztlán Parque Urbano | Mistral | Vekoma SFC (+ other rides) | 2024


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While sad to see the classic woodie go it’s good that they plan to put something in, it may just be a family coaster but it’s a unique family duelling boomerang which is a good start.

Hopefully they get something bigger from Vekoma in the future......but I doubt it.


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Both coasters seem to be clones of Saven

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Ahh I can see now the sit down being a clone but from roomraiders image the blue coaster looks like it weaves around the sit down so I don’t think that is a clone, and it’s also inverted.

Still though it’s the only sit down and inverted duelling shuttle family coaster I have seen, so I guess it’s semi-unique ? I also hope to see Vekoma do more family inverted shuttle coaster as Im pretty sure that the first one.

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And with one fell swoop, the planet loses 1/3 of its remaining mobius-tracked wooden racing coasters.

That statement sounds more dramatic than it really is, as there were only 3 of them left to begin with:

1. Racer - Kennywood: 1927 - present
2. Grand National - Blackpool: 1935 - present
3. Montana Rusa - La Feria Chapultepec: 1964 - 2021 (SBNO since 2019)

It's always sad to see a big old wooden classic meet its end, especially one that I never got a chance to ride.
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So plans were recently released by the government as part of a public consultation. Here’s some key takeaways from the video below;
  • Major flat ride packages incoming from Zamperla and SBF Visa
  • Whatever that duelling family boomerang was has been canned. Vekoma will instead provide a very large custom SFC with a dark ride section, tentatively named Mistral.
  • Coaster collection will be rounded out by a Junior coaster and hamster wheel layout from SBF Visa, plus a Zamperla spinning mouse. All in all, substantially less than the coasters that preceded them.
  • Large part of Montaña Russa will be retained and preserved, more specifically the turnaround.
  • The park will be completed in phases with openings between Fall 2023 and June 2024
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Another day, another double post, I apologize that I didn't get to fully cover this yesterday. The developer's latest statement is that they've begun assembling a dozen of their attractions, including said ferris wheel, 50m tall drop tower, and the 540m long Vekoma SFC (documentation still says 550m). Just for kicks here be the latest major shipping permit from the other day, even larger than the previous shipment above;
Screen Shot 2023-05-03 at 1.41.39 PM.png

Anyone mind moving this to construction?


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Construction is moving quickly, allegedly they want to open on August 30 and hope to have the Wheel running for then.

Track pieces have been sighted recently for Mistral, not sure how far along the coaster is right now;

Ferris wheel looks kinda weird right now, not gonna lie;

Can't wait to see how these buildings will ultimately turn out;
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