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Adventureland (Long Island) | Fireball | RES Roller Ball | 2022

Tumbili Fan

Roller Poster
I rode this during the second weekend of cold opening, and was surprised how forceful it was. I don't know how to describe it other than a cross between a rocking chair and being flung around like a rag doll. Despite the intensity of the swings and the three times my head whipped back and hit the back of the seat, I enjoyed the ride immensely. It definitely is better than a 4D free spin in my opinion.


Giga Poster
Sure the coaster looks fine but it's one of the dullest coaster experiences I have ever had.
I recently tried the one at Prater. I went in with rock-bottom expectations — the design looks absolutely pointless — and the nice thing about having zero expectations is being easily impressed. Yes, it was lame, but at least it had a little modicum of thrill, which is much more than I expected.