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Adventureland Iowa | Flying Viking | Zamperla Junior Coaster | 2023

Lori Marie Loud

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Apparently work related. Two days ago a local friend saw firetrucks and ambulances pull up to the lot where they're storing parts, allegedly something happened while they were unloading log fume pieces from a shipping container. See the photo below;
You must have gotten an image from an Australian incident it seems. ;)


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Horrible incident this week on the construction site of Flying Viking, as a contractor from Sky High Coasters has passed away. The individual is said to have been the son of Sky High's owner, details are unclear;


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The same day the incident occurred, I had driven past the park right before I took the photo that TPoT used, and I noticed trains were on sight. I had actually been trying to get a picture of the trains but I was watching them unload something when the incident occurred.


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of all states to be having theme park competition/battle I wouldn't have expected it to be iowa. but good for them i guess