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About to hop on a plane to Abu Dhabi! Will keep everyone posted on Ferrari World and Warner Bros. World adventures.
england lost the world cup to france
Historic pedantic technical correction...
France lost the world cup to Argentina.

I would love to see a video of the show! I'm also in marching band and love watching other people's shows.
Well in that case, how about one of my high school shows from 06? ;)
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Marching band season is basically over... Placed 3rd in our class at the state competition last month, one final parade on Saturday. If people are interested I can post a video of the show later, although it's not that great
Emotional evening, what a send off... Hard to imagine any other UK coaster getting a send off like that for a refurb!!!

Hats off to everyone who made that atmosphere electric!

Goodnight and goodbye (for now) Nemesis
I have wasted too many years of my life on dumb rollercoaster forums to never WIN ANY GOD DAMN AWARD GIVE ME FUNNIEST MEMBER THIS YEAR OR I WILL QUIT
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Nicky Borrill
Nicky Borrill
Tell me a joke and I'll consider a nomination, but only if you can make me physically laugh out loud....
I have tittered at a number of your "off beat" posts over the years, and am a great admirer of the design of your logo/picture/whatsit, though I rarely vote, so may not be your target audience.
Suggested vegan abuse joke.
Two peanuts rolled down a hill.
One was a salted.
That title belongs to me and I'll never give it up, ya hear? NEVER!!
Will I saw you working on entrance on The Smiler yesterday, I wish I had said hello