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Your longest theme park hiatus?


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Due to outside circumstances I didn't get to a park nearly at all last year (hence my disappearance from CF), so I'm well on track to go two whole years without a theme park!


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The last time I went to a theme park was I think... in 2018. So over two years. That's a depressing thought.


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My longest hiatus is NOW due to Corona. I had my vacation in May were not only my Canada trip fell through but also all parks were still closed. My last parks were Efteling, Walibi Holland and Bobbejaanland last September. Last coaster was Untamed - at least a great one - as all funfairs, and Olympia Looping was planned for my home city, were also cancelled.


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Got Alton Towers next week followed by Legendia and Energilandia.


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My COVID hiatus ended with Tivoli Gardens and Bakken yesterday. Now I have until July 14th, 2021 to visit another park.


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The current situation for me, last park visit was 15th September 2019, yet to get out to a park but starting to make plans for a trip somewhere in the UK.
I've never gone a year before but hopefully I'll get somewhere in the next month.


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It’s hard to tell really. Probably now. I visited Alton Towers in May 2019 and stayed in their enchanted village. The visit was predominantly for the kids though I got on Th13teen with the eldest. I visited flamingo land on Halloween last year but again it was for the kids and didn’t actually ride anything major. I genuinely think the last time I visited a theme park for myself and to just ride rides was the CF-Live for Smiler opening (when Smiler didn’t actually open). Actually as I write that I realised I went later that year for Halloween with work friends.

I’d love to get back into it but career + young kids + wife who hates theme parks = limited opportunities lol.


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Now. Last park was Galveston Pier in August 2020. Delta variant means my mom has been scared off any 2021 trips. Unless a miracle happens, 2022 is my next cred year.

If it weren't for Iron Shark my last theme park would have been SFGAm in 2019 but that one was for the sis and I only got to go on Dark Knight. Discounting THAT, it goes all the way to the big Dollywood trip in November 2018.

EDIT: ****, forgot, it actually goes back to March 2019 (Disney World) if you discount Iron Shark and SFGAm.


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Haven't been to a park since September 2019, and the season is all but over up here by now, so it looks like I won't get on a coaster until next summer or so.

Still not sure if it will be my longest hiatus, though,